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1 traditional pub

Traditional (Royalty) Publishing

Innovo acquires book, music or film/video rights, pays author/artist/agent advance and royalties, and funds all costs to publish title.

Agent/Author/Artist makes no financial commitments. Agent submissions are encouraged and welcome.


2 cooperative pub

Cooperative Publishing

Innovo & Author share financial commitments and royalties. Author retains rights. Innovo acquires time-bound exclusivity.

Author investment is 100% refundable and Traditional contract offered based on sales.


3 independent pub

Independent Publishing

Author/Artist retains all title rights, funds all costs to publish title, and receives 100% royalties.

No minimum book or music title order required. Innovo provides turn-key publishing services.


4 marketing tab

Marketing & Promotion

Our Marketing Services include book video trailers, press releases, on-line chapter previews, ad campaigns, and book websites. 

Specialty Book Services include language translation services, independent book reviews & critiques and more.


Adrianisms by Adrian Rogers (limited leather edition)Adrianisms by Adrian Rogers (limited leather edition)

Whether you are looking for a limited edition leather-bound volume with gold foil embossing like Adrianisms, or a hardback casebound children's book series whose characters come to life as custom stuffed animals, Innovo can provide the specialty publishing and branding for just about any need.

Innovo's Custom Plush Service (turn in 2D character into a custom plush animal or characterMr. How Do You Do hardback book-with character turned into a custom plus toy


"Innovo specializes in creating comprehensive media strategies and roll-out plans for our authors, artists, and ministries to help them achieve their personal and ministry goals."


 Below are just a few hard to find specialty services that we can provide for you (Click to Request a Quote)

  • Business Consulting for authors, artists, and ministries   
  • Leather-bound books and other high-end specialty books & packaging
  • Transforming pictures of storybook animals and characters into custom plush animals and characters
  • Designing author, artist, and ministry collateral for events, marketing, and promotional materials (e.g., signs, graphics, posters, business cards, etc.)  
  • Media Kits for authors, artists, and ministries
  • Social media and website scripts/code that allow you to display beautiful excerpts of your book on any social media or website page with active buy links
  • Social media management (we'll link all of your social media sites together and actively manage postings for you)
  • FREE reviews and critiques of your books and other titles.
  • Turnkey Website hosting, design, creation, and management (see website examples below)


Sons of the 43rd by Michael Spradlin websiteA Minute With Molly by Judy Bowllweg (Website by Innovo Publishing)


Click On Images to Vist These Websites Created by Innovo Publishing

Sons of the 4rd web site 

5 music tab

Musician Publishing

Everything needed to publish and market your Christian music singles, EPs, and albums to the world.

Professionally mixed, tuned, and packaged; physical CD and digital downloadable files; distributed globally: iTunes, Rhapsody, AmazonMP3 and more.


From Innovo's Founder

img932892296As a Christian full-service publisher, we'll do our best to provide a book you will be proud to call your own with an honest, straight forward process.  I hope you will give us the opportunity to get to know you and will allow us the privilege of helping bring your publishing dreams to life.

Over the course of my career in industry, I've had a growing desire to use my business, human resources and information technology experience to start a publishing company for the Christian and wholesome markets.  After much counsel...Screen shot 2012-10-13 at 3.15.44 PM

Innovo Publishing Home for Christian Publishers

"Ron Owens has done the impossible. He has made Manley, the man, live in this book as well as made the message of Manley come alive."
—Jimmy Robertson, director, Milldale Baptist, Conference Center, president of Fires of Revival

"Ron Owens has skillfully, step by step, exposed the authenticity of one man who constantly realized the importance of God's direction in every area of life. Every Christian should read this book."
—T. W. Hunt, former seminary professor, author, speaker

"Ron Owens has given us a tender but powerful account of the life and ministry of this remarkable servant of God. I pray that our Lord will give the book a wide and enduring ministry."
—Warren W. Wiersbe, author, former director of the Back to the Bible Broadcast

"The tears flowed as I read Ron Owens' account of Brother Manley's life. I was there once again. The words, 'God won't hurt you,' will forever ring in my ears as Manley's challenge to me during some of the darkest days of my life."
—Kaye Dunn-Robinson, pastor's wife and widow of evangelist Ron Dunn

"I am so thankful that Ron Owens has written the story of Manley Beasley, whose counsel was so instrumental in my call to the ministry."
—Reggie Joiner, president and CEO of The reThink Group

"If you don't read another book, you don't want to miss this one. You will meet God as you read it and be challenged to follow the God Manley Beasley followed and glorified in life and death."
—Avery Willis, author, former senior VP of Southern Baptists' 1MB, executive director of the International Orality Network

"Manley Beasley was the greatest man of faith I ever knew. Manley was a part of a defining moment in my life—one that altered the course and direction of my ministry for the past nineteen years. Manley is one of the great giants of faith in Christian history."
—Michael Catt, pastor, Sherwood Baptist Church, Albany, GA; executive director of Sherwood Films, creators of the movies Facing the Giants and Fireproof

"Ron Owens has done a monumental work in this biography of a most remarkable man. Thank you, Ron, for making Manley come alive again in this splendid biography."
—Jack Taylor, president of Dimensions Ministries, Melbourne, FL

"Ron Owens has done a superb job in his biography of Manley Beasley, one of the most unforgettable people I have ever met. Thank God for a book as near to making Manley live again as anything written could do."
—Roy J. Fish, professor of evangelism, emeritus, SWBTS, Fort Worth, TX

Innovo Publishing Catalog

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Author Testimonials

author nathalie johnson optimizedTo say that I am excited and amazed about how the book looks is an understatement!!!  I cannot believe how beautiful this looks. What a treat to see the ‘finished product!’ Thank you so much for your time and energy on this project; it has been such a joy for me to work on!”

- Dr. Nathalie Johnson  l  Author, Rivers' Walk
author kris detrow optimized"I can't even tell you how happy I have been with Innovo. The price is great. The service is amazing. When you are done, you will consider [Innovo] a friend. Can't say enough."

Screen shot 2012-09-11 at 3.50.26 PM- Kris Detrow  l  Author, The Intrusion


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