500 Bookmarks, Price: $195. Order here and our Innovo representative will contact you within two to five business days.

Provide your fans and customers with this attractive and useful 5.5” x 2” bookmarks. They are both practical and great marketing tools. They are great for book signings, networking tables, book clubs, special events, and even local bookstores!

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What does the author provide?

You will need to provide the front cover image of your title as a high-resolution (300 dpi) JPEG or PDF. You will also need to provide information about your title such as the back cover “blurb” or a quote from a review, which can be placed on the bookmark. The information you provide should be engaging and provide an enticing glimpse into your title’s purpose.

 What type of written content should I include?

We recommend a few short sentences that grab the reader's attention and make them want to go the next step of buying the book! This might be a short synopsis of the book, your credentials as an author (if you are an expert on the subject), an excerpt of a great review, or your opening line. The suggested word count is up to 60 words or about 400 characters. Be brief—it’s better. Don't mention any dates; you can continue using the bookmarks long after you release your title.

How many revisions can I make?

We offer one round of revisions to make changes and we require that all content be proofread by the author/artist prior to submitting the material to Innovo.

Do I have to link to Innovo, or can I include my Amazon link?

You can include any link you like, whether it's to Innovo, Amazon, or your personal Web site.

Customization is important—so how much is available?

Our goal is to keep the design simple and clean, and showcase your title’s fantastic cover. So we offer two background colors and two font styles. After you make your selections, we will create a digital draft of your bookmarks and e-mail it to you for approval. You may make one round of revisions.

Do I have to include the Innovo logo?

No. Our Innovo logo is optional.

Can I buy more than what's included in this particular package?

Sure. You may buy upgrade options that allow you to receive multiples of 500. And we are happy to reprint the same product for a reduced price if requested to do so within six months of the original purchase.

How long does it take to create my bookmarks?

From start to finish usually takes about two to three weeks, plus time for shipping.

How will my bookmarks be shipped?

Business cards, postcards, and bookmarks will all be packaged and shipped in boxes. Posters will be packaged and shipped flat (and not folded). These products will be shipped using our ground shipping service and normally arrive within about five days after your final approval. Shipping and handling costs are included in the price.

If I live outside the U.S., can I buy these products?

Yes—but not for this price. And just to be upfront, it is not usually cost effective for most people outside the U.S. to pay for the shipping of these types of products. However, if you remain interested and don’t mind paying the extra shipping charges, let us know and we can provide a custom quote.

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