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What is the primary purpose of man? What does the Bible basically teach? What is God? What is man? What is sin? What does every sin deserve?

What is justification? What does God require of man? What is faith in Jesus Christ? What is prayer? The Westminster Shorter Catechism provides very succinct and yet solid answers to these and many more questions.

In Catechism in Conversation, Linus provides a lively introduction to this catechism through a series of conversations, which incorporates all its 107 questions and answers.

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Linus Chua is a member of Pilgrim Covenant Church in Singapore and is currently pursuing the M.Div degree with Whitefield Theological Seminary in preparation for the pastoral ministry. He is also the author of Not to Destroy, But to Fulfill, in which he gives an exposition of Christ's teaching on the law in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:17-48).

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