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Professional Press Release   Innovo will craft a professional press release using a draft and information you provide and then have the release distributed to popular newswire sources including Google News, MSN News, Ask News, Yahoo Search, Topix and thousands of journalists. We will include search engine optimization target categories.   (Up to 2 minutes of user supplied video can be added for a multimedia press release; or Innovo can develop the video for a fee) $499 Stand Alone $399 w/ Pro Package Included w/ Blockbuster & Exclusive Packages   (add video for 195 more)
Sell Sheet Innovo will design and produce an industry-standard, full-color sell sheet containing all the information needed to give you a professional edge with media outlets, bookstores, book reviewers, etc. This piece is essential to an author's overall publicity efforts. Delivered in PDF format. $399 Stand Alone $299 w/ Pro Package $299 w/ Blockbuster Included In Exclusive
  Digital Press Kit   Innovo's professional, multi-page press kit will help you to build credibility and establish a long-term relationship/commitment surrounding your book. Useful for media relations, interviews, bookstores, libraries, etc. Delivered in PDF format.   $699 Stand Alone $599 w/ Pro Package $599 w/ Blockbuster Included in Exclusive
"PR Power Pak"   Innovo's "one-stop shop" for everything you need to present a highly professional image and boost your credibility as a published author. The PR POWER PAK includes all three services listed above (press release already included with the Blockbuster package). $995 Stand Alone $895 w/ Pro Package $695 w/ Blockbuster Package Included in Exclusive  
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Description of Independent (Self) Publishing Services for Christian & Wholesome Books
  On-line Ad Campaign         Innovo will establish an on-line "click thru" advertising campaign with Google, Yahoo or MSN to drive potential buyers to your landing page to view your book. While the ad campaign does not guarantee sales, we will provide report showing how many people visited your landing page (site) as a result of the campaign. This is a tremendous tool to increase visibility and opportunity for sales. 5 key words for up to 2 weeks: $99
10 Key words; up to 4 weeks: $185
20 key words; up to 8 weeks: $350
  Wiki Page For Your Book   Innovo will create a Wiki page on Wikipedia that describes factual information about your book, the author and publisher, while including your cover image and external links. This is a high traffic site and terrific to market information about you and your book.   $175
  Google Book Search, Chapter Review & Buy Links Innovo will work with Google to include your book in the Google book search program. Your book's cover image and information about your book will be searchable and available for review by everyone searching for books. In addition up to 20% of your book's content will be available for people to read on-line to "try before they buy." This is a great hook to increase sales. Links to purchase your book will be prominently displayed.   $175  
  Amazon Search InSide The Book Program Innovo will work with Amazon to include your book in the Amazon Search InSide the book probram. This options allows potential buyers on to see an excerpt of your book to "try before they buy." This is a great way to increase sales on $175 (stand alone) (Discounted if purchased with one of Innovo's packages)
Dedicated URL & Web Site   "Your-book's-name".com   Book & Author Information   Free Chapter Review & Buy Links Innovo will establish and host a dedicated web site ("Your-book's name".com or similar) and create a fully functional web-site for your book that includes your cover image, book blurb, author bio, and publisher information, plus an embedded Innovo bookstore page that features your book and your book editions right on your web site.   You will be given editing rights so that you can update your pages whenever and as often as you like.   In addition, Innovo will provide a free on-line review of your book.   You may use your book's web site and URL in your marketing and advertising campaigns. This is a great hook to increase sales. The URL and web site will remain active for one year and are renewable yearly thereafter.   $1499 (stand alone)   $995 with any publishing package     $99 yearly maintenance fee



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