Innovo's Christian eBooks Publishing Programs

Innovo's Christian eBook Publishing Programs Everything Needed to Publish Christian eBooks Globally. Available Christian eBook Formats Include: Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android, eReader, Smart Phone & PC Compatible Editions. Want to publish a Christian eBook with your Paperback, Hardback or Children's Book Publishing Package? You can! Just select below the Christian publishing package that's right for you. Click on the chart below to see the features in each package...

Innovo's Independent (Self) Publishing Programs for eBooks
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eBook bundling options (see right) available with each paperback publishing package Innovo's Complete eBook Bundle is Available in this package for a discounted price and includes eBook editions that are compatible with Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android, eReader, Smart Phones and PCs.  Click the link below for more detail. Innovo's FREE eBook Bundle is  included in this package (This eBook bundle includes Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android, eReader, Smart Phone, PCs compatible eBooks). Click the link below for more detail. Innovo's FREE eBook Bundle is  included in this package (This eBook bundle includes Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Android, eReader, Smart Phone, PCs compatible eBooks). Click the link below for more detail.
Upgrade our Innovo Professional package with a complete eBook bundle! Get a FREE eBook edition with Innovo's Blockbuster package & add a complete eBook bundle. Get the complete eBook bundle FREE with our Innovo Exclusive package.

How Much Do Innovo's eBooks Cost to Create and Publish For Christian Authors, Artists and Ministries?

Unlike publishing physical books, eBooks do not have to be printed or bound into a paperback or hardback book for distribution. So once the eBook covers, content and format are created, there are no on-going manufacturing or printing costs. However, wholesalers, retailers and distributors typically charge a fee for allowing the eBook to be sold through their wholesale or retail networks.

What are eBooks and how can Christian authors, artist and ministries publish Christian eBooks?

eBooks are electronic books.  Just like physical books, Innovo's Christian eBooks have two main parts: covers and content.  But unlike physical books, eBooks also contain hyperlinks that allow the user to quickly move to chapters, bookmarks and other internal or external links included in the eBook. eBook can be read from the web, your personal computer, and mobile devices like phones and special eBook readers like Amazon's Kindle Reader or Sony's eReader.

How are eBooks created and published for Christian authors, artists and ministries?

Innovo's Christian eBook covers and content are initially created just like Innovo's Christian paperback or hardback books--except Innovo's eBooks are designed to be used without being printed, bound or published as a physical book. Instead, people read eBooks on mobile reading devices, on-line, and on their PCs. Many people read Christian eBooks on their smart phones and special eBook Readers like Amazon's Kindle reader, Apple's iPad and iPhone or Barnes & Noble's Nook reader.

Does a Professional Published eBook Have a Cover?

Yes. And eBook covers for Christian authors, artists and ministries need to look great to sell your Christian eBooik. Just like physical books, the front cover of a Christian eBook has images that reflect the books theme and the cover also includes the eBook's title and author name.  The eBook's also includes a brief book "blurb" or summary, a brief author biography and a picture of the author along with quotes or honors the book has received. Christian eBooks created for profit also include an ISBN # -- a unique identifyer used in the publishing industry--so the Christian eBook can be uniquely identified, published and sold by Christian and secular wholesalers and retailers.

Are there Different Types of eBooks that Christian Authors Publish?

Yes! And Innovo creates and publishes all major types of Christian eBooks.  The content of an eBook is initially created the same way a physical book's content is created--that is, it is written by an author. However, after the initial manuscript is written, eBook designers transform the Christian manuscript into a format that is easily viewed and read on-line, on PCs or on mobile devices. At Innovo we create and distribute our Christian eBooks so that they can be view on: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook; Apple iBooks, Adobe Digital Editions, Apple iPhone & iPad, Google Android and many other mobile devices, readers and of course PCs.

How Are eBooks Published and Distributed--Won't People Just Copy Them?

 Innovo works with a large network of global wholesalers and retailers who offer Innovo's Christian eBooks for purchase.  When a customer purchases an eBook, they are given a secure link to download a copy of the eBook.  Some Christian eBooks can be released with full Digital Rights Management features--that prevent unauthorized copying, printing or sharing. 


 We Create and Publish Christian eBooks In The Industry's Most Sought-After Formats: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iPhone/iPad, Google Android, Sony eReader, and Smart Phone & PC Compatible Formats

All Innovo Christian eBooks are distributed on-line with automatic order, immediate download and payment capability through Innovo and many on-line retail outlets*. Click on the links about to see a complete listing of the features included in each publishing package option.

Note: Kindle distributed exclusively through Amazon; B&N Nook distributed exclusively through Barnes & Noble, iPad and iPhone iBooks are distributed exclusively through Apple's iBook Store
Want an Innovo Christian eBook publishing package without buying a paperback publishing package? No worries. You Can!

You may substitute a complete stand-alone Christian eBook publishin gpackage for any paperback publishing package including the Innovo Professional, Innovo Blockbuster and the Innovo Exclusive Christian book publishing package. The stand-alone Christian eBook packages include ALL ebook editions: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android, Sony eReader, and Smart Phone and PC Compatible Formats.


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