Video Book Trailers Designed For Results!

Innovo Publishing's Video Book Trailers... Enjoy Outstanding Video Production & Unparalleled Distribution.

We'll highlight your book's key selling points with up to 3 minutes of marketing savvy video designed to sell your book. We use text, graphics, images, music, and professional voice narration (depending on the option purchased) to tell your story as no one else can. And we can incorporate video and images you supply, too!

Then we publish your video book trailer on up to 12 key Christian and global video social media sites, including YouTube™, Facebook® and many more. Over 100 million unique visitors are reported to visit these 12 sites per day (that's right--100 million per day)!

30-45 Second Versions

  • Armour Patterson: Where The Ground is Even 1 Minute Preview +

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  • A Life To Rescue by Karen Michelle Graham 1 Minute Preview +

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  • Shepherds Hirelings and Dictators 1 Minute Preview +

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60-90 Second Versions

  • Laura Peden: Love the Life You Live 90 Second Preview +

  • A Life To Rescue by Karen Michelle Graham 2 Minute Preview +

  • Shepherds Hirelings and Dictators 2 Minute Preview +

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2-3 Minute Versions

  • Charles Fowler:Biblical Truths for Men 2 Minute Preview +

  • Carrie Simon: Save Them All 2 Minute Preview +

  • Mark D. Hyskell: I Want It All 2 Minute Preview +

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Video Book Trailer Packages

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 1preview logo
30 to 45 seconds of Cover-to-Cover Highlights

 2feature logo
60 to 90 seconds of Prime Time featuring Your Book

3premiere logo
2 to 3 minutes of Hollywood Book Marketing Sizzle

InnovoVideo Trailer Publishing/Distribution Options
Description & Cost $699
purchase now1
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purchase now1
Distribution: Innovo offers an extensive global book trailer distribution service that places your book trailer in front of over 100 million potential viewers daily. And you don't have to do a thing. We'll debut your book trailer on up to 12 Christian and global social media and digital video distribution channels including YouTube and Facebook and many more. See below... check12 Video Broadcasting Sites
(see below)
check17 Video Broadcasting Sites
(see below)
check112 Video Broadcasting Sites
(see below)
Innovo Publishing YouTube™ Channel On-Line Digital Video Broadcasting  check1 check1 check1
ChristianBookRelease YouTube™ Channel On-Line Digital Video Broadcasting  check1 check1  check1
ChristianBookRelease Facebook® Channel On-Line Digital Video Broadcasting N/A check1   check1
Bonus Pack 1: Video Site Distribution Reporting over 20 million unique visitors per day On-Line Digital Video Broadcasting  N/A check1
Yes 3 Sites
Yes 6 Sites
Bonus Pack 2: Christian Site Distribution Leading Christian Video / Social Media Sites On-Line Digital Video Broadcasting  N/A check1
Yes 1 Site
Yes 2 Sites
Bonus Pack 3: European Site Distribution Reporting over 5 million unique visitors per day On-Line Digital Video Broadcasting  N/A  N/A  check1
InnovoVideo Trailer Feature Comparisons
Length Options range from a 30-45 second PREVIEW to a 2-3 minute PREMIERE. Select the option that best meets your marketing plan and budget. 30 to 45 seconds 1 to 1.5 Minutes 2 to 3 Minutes
Background Music Carefully selected royalty-free background music sets the tone and style to match your book. check1  check1  check1 
Multiple wipes/fades & special effects We'll apply a variety of professional effects and transitions to help tell your book's story to the world.  check1 check1
Images of Multiple Book Editions Customized images of each of your book's editions (book, eBook, audio book, Kindle, iPhone,) will be prominently displayed to set you apart from single edition authors.  check1 check1
Where to Buy "Encore! Encore!" While your audience is clamoring for more, we'll display information on how to purchase your book or where to go for more information.  check1 check1
Front & Back Book Cover Images We include cover shots in every Innovo trailer. Spotlighting your book cover, design & branding create a last impression.  check1 check1
Author Bio & Photo Don't forget the credits! You will receive top billing as we feature your photo and bio! check1  check1
Text Creative display of text and titles will be lifted from your book design, blurb and author bio to tell your story. check1   check1
Professional Script & Intro/Outro Narration An expertly crafted and professionally narrated script for the beginning and ending of your book trailer adds to your book's professional stature. N/A  check1 
Professional Script & Narration Throughout An expertly crafted and professionally narrated script for the entire book trailer provides for maximum marketing support for your book with a polished professional presentation.  N/A N/A 
Incorporate Author Video Clip & Images We'll include and edit video clips & up to 10 pictures provided by the author (if of suitable quality and delivered electronically to us)  N/A N/A
InnovoVideo Trailer Optional Offers
Video Press Release: Innovo will craft a professional press release and launch it along with up to 2 minutes of your book trailer to popular newswire sources including Google News, MSN News, Ask News, Yahoo Search, Topix and thousands of journalists. What a great way to generate PR for your book. A video press release is a great way to introduce your book to the world. Optional - $295 Optional - $295 Optional - $195
Video Trailer on physical CD in Windows WMV format (Plays on most Window's based PCs)
Optional - 29.99/disc
Video Trailer on physical CD in Mac (MOV) format (Plays on most Macs and PCs with QuickTime players)
Video Trailer on physical CD in MP4 format (Plays on most PCs & handheld video players)
Video Trailer on physical CD in WMV, MOV & MP4 formats. Optional Combo Pack - 79.99 (Save about $10)

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