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Innovo Learning Center Steps

  • Step 1: Develop Talent
  • Step 2: Prepare To Publish
  • Step 3: Publish Your Book
  • Step 4: Market/Advertise/Sell

Step 1: Developing Your Talent

Learning the craft: Here's the question: do you want to be a published author?  Or do you want to be a well respected author who is published? There is a difference.  If you are in search of excellence, we believe there are no short cuts. You have to learn the craft of writing. So below we've listed a few sites and resources to help you on this journey.  Check back often as this site is continually updated with new information, articles and references.

First things first... learn the basics. Yes, it seems like a mundane thing, but you have to learn to write a sentence before you can write a paragraph.  Then you can progress to bigger things. Basic grammar, spelling and punctuation are essential.  At Innovo, we receive large quantities of manuscripts--and one of the more common themes we see is a lack of attention to the basics. This is essential if you want to be a respected author who is published.  Some of our references below point to  readily available resources related to this topic ranging from self-help resources to writer's groups.  And don't overlook your local community college or university.   A focus on the basics will pay great dividends in your writing career.  

  • Check out these on-line courses on the basics offered by WritersOnlineWorkshops.com.
  • You may also be interested in offering from the Christian Writer's Guild.
  • Innovo Publishing offers a FREE book review to help you determine if you are ready to self publish your book, eBook or audio book.

Read, write and collaborate with other writers.
One of the best ways to learn to write is to read.  That's right--read.  Pick up the classics and best sellers and read, then read, then read some more.  Study the approaches and techniques these established authors use.  The more your read (and study) the work of the top authors, the better off you will be in your own efforts.

But of course, reading is not enough--you also have to write... then write, and then write some more.  And ask yourself this question: do you know anyone who is at the top of their field who has not worked with others to get there?  The best painters, construction workers, mechanics, architects, pilots, business leaders--almost everyone who has made it to the top of their profession can point to a long string of people who have helped them get there.

Self Assessment: So what about you? Do you belong to a writer's group? Are you a part of an on-line or local community that regularly critiques your work? Do you submit your work for review or publication?  Do you have a writing mentor? Have you entered any writing contests to learn how others perceive your writing? If not, you should consider these opportunities to help you learn the craft. 

  • Take a look at the resources offered by ACFW--American Christian Fiction Writers
  • Looking for a mentor?  Review these services offered by the Christian Writer's Guild. ChristianWriters.com offers forums, workshops and critiques for Christian writers.
  • Innovo Publishing offers free book reviews, paid book critiques and coordinates paid external book critiques.


Blogs, Reviews & Writers Links

  • Agent Query: Recognized by Writer's Digest as one of the best websites for writers four years in a row, and reportedly the largest on-line database of literary agents, Agent Query is a site you don't want to miss.  Their Resource Section contains a wealth of information and links for writers, and their educational forums are first rate.
  • LitPark: A great blog by Susan Henderson.  In Susan's words, "LitPark is a literary playground for writers, artists, and anyone who feels at home here. My hope is that the topics and the community here will offer inspiration, support, a place to vent and gain helpful tips about the business."
  • Publishers Marketplace:  A dedicated marketplace for publishing professionals. With a reported 30,000 base of publishing professionals, you won't want to miss this one, including PublishersLunch--a daily dossier.
  • Poets & Writers: Reportedly the nation's largest nonprofit organization for creative writers.  PW provides great insight and education for publishing your work, and offers advice on key topics of interests to writers.   Also find information on grants & awards, job listings and small presses (like Innovo Publishing)
  • Writer's Digest: a one-stop shop for information, contests, blogs, conference listings, writer's resources and connecting with the writing community. Writer's Digest has been around since 1920, and continues to provide a trusted source of information for writers. 
  • Writers Write:  an informative site on a variety of topics of interest to writers... from book reviews and book blogs to industry news and articles--Writers Write  is a great resource on books, writing and publishing.

Step 2: Preparing to be Published

The Christian book publishing industry is in constant change--and Christian self publishers and Christian book marketers have to stay connected and up to date. So check back often as we are constantly adding new material and information.

The Big 5 Mix--You Really Need To Know:

The Big 5 mix: to select the right Christian book publishing company and to estimate the potential profit from your book, you really need to understand 5 key drivers and how they interact: the upfront costs, the retail price, the wholesale price, manufacturing & printing costs and your royalty percentage.

Remember to always think about the Big 5 together-it is the combination of upfront costs, retail & wholesale pricing, manufacturing/printing costs and royalties that tell the story.  As you prepare to publish your Christian book, you should know your options and how each Christian publishing company you are considering handles these. Understanding this upfront can save you a lot of headaches later.  So with any potential Christian book publisher, you should ask at least 5 tough questions:

1. Ask for the total up-front cost required to get your book to market: Does the publisher clearly state the TOTAL costs to get your specific book completed and distributed to the markets you want?  If not, be cautious.  Is there anything else you will have to purchase to get your book ready to be printed, marketed, distributed, returned, updated, removed?  Are optional components really optional or are they essential to effectively sell your book?  Are there extra fees for your book to be offered via Amazon or Barnes & Nobel, or retailers outside the US? Are the ISBN and barcode included? What about editing?  Other?

The Innovo Difference: We clearly state your total up-front cost for every purchase.  And our turn-key packages include everything you need to get your book to market. We even show you side by side comparisons of all of our options so you can choose what works best for you. You don't have to guess or worry about hidden charges with Innovo.

2. Ask how the Retail Price is set: Does the Christian book publisher require a calculated retail price or can you set whatever retail price you want? Be cautious if you are required to set a retail price based on the company's formula.  Would your book be competitive at that price?  Ask why they do not let you set your own retail price.

The Innovo Difference: You set the retail price for your book. It's your book and you set your price so long as it covers the costs. Unlike some publishers, we don't require you to set an inflated retail price to make more profit or claim higher author discounts off the retail price. In addition to offering the book through Innovo's distribution network, you can sell your book directly to anyone you wish and through any other process you choose--at any price you choose.

3. Ask how the wholesale price is set: Does the Christian book publishing company require a calculated wholesale price or can you set whatever wholesale price you want? If you have to offer a 55% discount off the retail price for wholesalers-can you make a profit?

The Innovo Difference: You set your wholesale discount between 25% and 55%.  It's your choice-and unlike some publishers who require the standard 55% trade discount, you have the choice and the responsibility.  The higher the discount you set, the more likely wholesalers will want to resell your book, but the less margin you will make on each book.  At Innovo, we believe each Author should have the opportunity to set the wholesale price as part of their package. The lower limit is set at 25% because many retailers and wholesalers will not agree to carry books with a wholesale discount less than 25%. Of course, the wholesale discount applies only to 3rd parties in our distribution network. You can sell your book directly to anyone you wish at any price you choose.

4. Ask how the printing, handling & shipping costs are set: Does the Christian book publishing company tell you the printing, handling and shipping costs they charge you per book printed for Author orders? Once you know the specific trim size and page count, every company should be able to tell you the per book printing and handling costs. One way or another, you will have to pay the printing, handling and shipping costs on each book produced so it is important to know the cost.

The Innovo Difference: You don't have to buy a single copy of your book from Innovo.  Not even one.  But if you would like to purchase copies of your book we offer them to our Authors at very competitive prices… in fact, we are $5 to 6 dollars less expensive PER BOOK than our chief competitor.  That means hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings over the life of your book.  That's it.  No hidden fees and no outlandish markups. And we quote the order up front with the exact cost (which will vary based on the shipping options chosen, the type of books-hardback or paperback--page count, etc.). Check out our direct order prices on our web site. Compare this to publishers who offer authors the option to buy their book at a discount off the RETAIL price-the retail price that the PUBLISHER sets!  If the publisher sets the retail price at $30 dollars/book and offers a 60% discount-the author still has to pay nearly $10 dollars for his/her own book! With Innovo you know exactly where you stand on every order. This is unique in the industry and the right thing to do. It is also important to know that we print and bind every book on-demand.  It takes us about 1 minute to print and bind a 500 page book. So there is no need for you to buy books in advance or carry large inventory.

5.  Ask what percentage your royalties will be and how they are calculated: first of all, question why the publisher is not providing 100% royalties, given that the author is paying to have the book developed.  In addition, ask how the publisher defines "Royalties".  Royalties are almost always paid on the wholesale price, minus the printing, shipping, handling and other overhead costs.  Royalties are rarely if ever paid on the Retail price (in fact, never in our experience).  Based on this, one can begin to see why understanding the Big 5 is so important for every author.
-- For example, if you are offered 100% royalties but you have to set your retail price at $35 when similar books are offered for $14.00-will anyone buy your book given the inflated retail price?
-- Or, if the publisher sets your retail price at $14.00--but you are required to offer a 50% wholesale discount and you are required to pay $6.80/book in printing, shipping and handling costs--you only earn 20 cents per book even with a 100% royalty (e.g., $14.00 - $7.00 wholesale discount - 6.80 P/S/H cost = $0.20).

The Innovo Difference:  You receive 100% royalties on net receipts for every book we sell for you to 3rd parties like Amazon or Barnes & Noble or bookstores.  Net receipts is the amount of money Innovo receives for sales, minus the costs of returns, manufacturing (e.g., printing), shipping and handling.  We encourage you to compare this to anyone in the industry.  Many of our competitors only offer 25% to 50% royalties AND they set your retail and wholesale prices.  Our philosophy is different: we believe that you are paying for our services upfront so you should earn the royalties when your books are sold.

A Final Note on the Big 5:  For-profit companies are in business to make money… and that's expected, reasonable and fine.   At the same time, savvy authors should understand the Big 5 mix so that they can make informed business decisions.

Our advice at Innovo:  If you cannot make heads or tails about the Big 5 after spending a reasonable amount of time with a potential Christian book publishing or Christian self publishing company, politely move on.   There may be a reason why the publisher is making this area complicated or hard to understand.

Read The Entire Self Publishing Big 5 Article Here.

Read the Publishing Contract: Every self publishing company you consider should have an Author Agreement (i.e., a contract). The agreement is a safeguard for you and the publisher.  It spells out specifically how the author and publisher will work together and what each party is responsible for. These agreements are essential--and the content in them can make your journey toward self-publishing a pleasant one or a difficult one.

Remember that these contracts are important for defining the working relationship while you are publishing your book--and after you've published your book. For example, let's say you want to publish a second edition of your book with another publisher--does the contract allow this?  Who owns the rights to the book or even that fantastic book cover? If you go to another publisher do you have to start over?  With this in mind, here are a few key considerations each self publisher should consider:

Read The Contract: It should go without saying, but read the contract.  Web sites can change. Verbal conversations can be difficult to remember. What's in the contract usually governs.  Ask to see the actual contract when you are researching a company--not just a partial sample.  Study how they handle the Big 5 (see article on Big 5 Mix above).  At Innovo, we post our author agreement on-line.  It's author friendly--author's retain all rights.

Book Rights: Who will own the rights to your book after it is published? Domestic? International?  Movie?  Translations?  At Innovo--you retain 100% of your rights. Period. If you write that best seller--you reap the profits.

Covers & Interior Layout: Who will own the book covers, interior layout/design, and any other materials used to create the book? At Innovo, authors retain ownership of all materials they supply. And we grant Innovo authors the right to use materials we create for them any way they choose (even with a competitor).

Royalties: What royalties will you receive?  How will they be calculated? How often will they be paid. At Innovo we pay 100% royalties.  Since you are paying to have the book created, shouldn't you get all the profits?  We think so, but many publishing companies don't.  Read the contract not just the web site.

Contract Termination: Okay--everything started out great, but along the way... now what happens?  Are you locked in?  Do you have to pay a termination fee? Are refunds an option?  At Innovo we offer authors non-exclusive publishing agreements--meaning you can publish your work with anyone else you choose at any time. Just send us a note to let us know.  No penalties, no termination fees--and we offer refunds which are spelled out in black & white in the contract.

What Costs Should I Pay Attention To? With Christian & wholesome self publishing, there are really two major costs you should research:

  • The upfront costs to create the book, eBook or Audio Books
  • The manufacturing or printing costs for ordering the books after they are created.

It is extremely important to look at your costs over the life of your book... not just the cost of getting the book created.  Some companies offer low cost options to create your book--and then after you sign on, they charge hefty fees for you (and your customers) to order and print copies of your book.

Innovo offers exceptional value with both the upfront book creation programs & packages and with manufacturing/printing costs for books, ebooks and audio books.  Often our pricing can save authors hundreds of dollars on the front end package and thousands of dollars on the manufacturing and printing costs over the life of a book.

How Long Does It Take To Publish My Book? With Innovo's Self Publishing Programs, your book will be ready for approval within 85 days or less.  Or with our lightning fast RUSH Service you can be ready to self publish in as little as 45 days (guaranteed or your money back)!

What Exactly are eBooks & Why Should I Care?  Okay--eBooks are electronic books. You should care because thousands of eBooks are sold on Amazon, iTunes, and many other retail sites. Of course, Innovo offers complete eBook development and global distribution packages.  eBooks are cool and useful for on-the-go types because they can be downloaded immediately from the web and read on personal computers and mobile devices like phones and special eBook readers like Amazon's Kindle Reader or Apple's iPhone or iPad devices. The Kindle, iPhone and iPad are especially good at displaying eBooks and thousands of people use them every day to read eBooks and to listen to audio books.

Just like physical books, eBooks have two main parts: covers and content.  But unlike physical books, eBooks also contain hyperlinks that allow the user to quickly move to chapters, bookmarks and other internal or external links included in the eBook. Learn more about Innovo's eBook pricing.  

What Should I Know About Audio Books?
Audio Books are one of the fastest growing offerings in the publishing business--and thousands of audio books are sold in book stores and on-line with major companies like Amazon, iTunes, Audible, eMusic, SpokenNetwork and many other retail sites. Audio books are now recorded in digital formats (tapes or other analogue formats are generally not used).

Audio Books can be packaged and sold as physical CDs or purchased and downloaded immediately as digital files (most often as MP3 digital files).

At Innovo, we create professional, unabridged audio books, audio chapters, and audio excerpts from your Christian or wholesome book. We offer audio books, chapters and excerpts in both digital and CD formats and provide access to a world-wide distribution network that includes all the majors including Amazon, Audible, Spoken Netowrk and iTunes.  If we create your audio book, customers can download them immediately and play them on their iPhones, MP3 players, PCs or other compatible devices.

Very few self-publishing companies have the capability to produce, package and globally distribute professional audio books for their authors--fortunately Innovo has developed the capability and provides audio books for a price that is a superior value (and allows self publishers to compete with the majors).

Take a look at Innovo's audio book packages here--and Innovo's audio book pricing here. At Innovo, we use professional voice talent (people who make their living doing voice work)--and we have 14 of the best in the business. All Innovo audio books are recorded in high fidelity, stereo formats and are professionally mixed and edited. You can listen to Innovo's audio book samples by clicking this link.



Step 3: Publishing Your Christian Book

Your research & planning are done--now it's time to publish your Book, eBook or Audio Book

Okay--you've honed your writing skills and worked with your writing group and mentor to develop your talent.And while you were working late to write that fantastic Christian or wholesome book, you also managed to do your homework and get up to speed on Self Publishing companies and the options that seem right for you. So what's next? Well, now it's time to take at look at what it's going to take to actually publish your book! This can be a fun and exciting time--but also one that can make you feel a little anxious. That's normal. But this section of Innovo's learning center for Christian & wholesome self publishers is designed to help you know what to expect and make the journey a little easier. And if you decide to publish your book, ebook or audio book with Innovo, we will be with you every step of the way to make sure your self publishing experience turns out great. Take a look around and enjoy the information--and when you are ready, move on to the next step in the journey by looking at self publishing marketing, advertising and selling tips.

It's time to publish your Book, eBook & Audio Book--Let's Go...

Publishing Process: So what major milestones can one expect when you are going through a Christian self publishing process?  Of course the process varies from Christian book publishing company to company--but there are a few steps that are usually involved.  We'll go through them below. In the interim, you can review Innovo's 4 Step Process.

Select your publisher:  Based on your research, you will have to narrow down your self publisher choices and ultimately select a self publishing company. It sounds easy, but this is an important decision and many people find it a bit intimidating.  One thing is for sure, you can spend days and weeks trying to wade through the options.  If you stick with the basics and understand the Big 5 Mix (as discussed here), your choice might be easier. Ultimately, it comes down to finding a company you trust--because there will likely be many issues that you will discover later--especially if this is your first self publishing effort.  So talk to the company representatives, pray for discernment and ask yourself who you feel comfortable working with.

Decide if you want any optional services:  Many self publishing companies offer add-ons for their publishing packages. Be aware that up-selling--or enticing customers to buy extras that they may or may not need--is a common practice in the self publishing industry (and many industries).  So it is always a good idea to know your budget and what services you really need. Avoid spur of the moment decisions and buy only what you need and can afford.  At Innovo, we offer turn-key packages for Christian & wholesome authors that do not require add-ons in order to get your book to market. And Innovo allows you to compare all of our offering side-by-side so you can see exactly what is in each one. We also offer ala carte services (i.e., individual services not tied to a package)--so you can select only the services you need and thus avoid buying something you don't need).  Some of our publishing services like professional editing, translations, and marketing programs are unique and represent exceptional value.

Sign the author agreement & submit your payment.  As we discussed previously, every Christian book publishing or self publishing company you consider should have an Author Agreement (i.e., a contract). The agreement is a safeguard for you and the book publisher.  It spells out specifically how the author and publisher will work together during the creation of your book and after the book is published--and it identifies what each party is responsible for. So before you begin work with the publisher, you will be asked to submit a signed Author Agreement. This may be the single most important action you take... once you sign the contract you and the publisher are bound by its  terms. So do your homework first (see more about self publishing contracts...). At Innovo we provide a complete copy of our author agreement on the web-site. Every potential Innovo author can see the exact terms--and we are very proud of our agreement.  It is very user friendly and pro-author oriented.  

In addition to providing the signed Author Agreement, the Christian book publishing company will require payment.  Almost all Christian self-publishing companies require payment in full before the publishing work begins because much of the work is services oriented and is not returnable (e.g., the time spent on developing a cover cannot be returned or resold; similarly the time spent on interior layout/design or on editing cannot be returned and reused--these are sunk costs).  Innovo is one of the few self-publishing companies who provide and publish a comprehensive refund policy--and Innovo includes the terms right there in the author agreement. Note that there are restrictions on what is refundable and time limits do apply.  Innovo provides custom written quotes and accepts all major credit and debit cards on-line through PayPal services. Regardless of whether you do business with Innovo or another company--every author should be familiar with the payment terms and refund policy prior to making payment.

Select your publishing package:  Once you select your company, you will need to select the specific self publishing package and services that you need.  Of course, you will have already looked at these offerings when selecting your publisher, but now you have to get specific and commit to a package and any add-ons (see below) or other services that you need.  At Innovo, we offer a range of publishing programs for books, eBooks and audio books--and combinations of each.  Custom package are welcome and discounts are offered for combinations.  And Innovo is one of the only Christian self-publishing companies with the capabilities to release your book globally in hardback, paperback, eBook and audio book formats. This allows Innovo authors to compete with the traditional publishing houses in every distribution channel.

Provide your manuscript & author information:  As you move through the initial interactions with your Publisher, you will come to a point where it is time to submit your manuscript and information about you and your book.

The publisher will need information about you so that they can bill you for services and so that they can pay royalties and set up your title correctly.  In addition, they will need a copy of your manuscript so that it can undergo a process to ensure it can be electronically distributed and/or printed properly.

Past this, there are many differences between self-publishing companies and you should read the company's contract for the specifics. For example, many companies provide manuscript guidelines for preparing your manuscript before it is submitted and most self publishing companies require that the material submitted be in final form approved for publishing.  Check this out before hand. Are there costs or delays to resubmit later?

At Innovo, we provide a free no obligation manuscript review and provide feedback on its readiness to be self published.  We also provide a free publishing guide and free manuscript submission guidelines and a free manuscript submission checklist to help Innovo's authors with a hassle-free submission process.  Through our web-site we provide an upload service to make it easy to submit your materials. We also provide a free software that allows Innovo's authors to quickly transmit extremely large files (like Children's books with many large pictures) to us and avoid expense and limitations of physical shipments.   

Market & sell your book:  A plan for marketing, advertising and selling your book is essential for all self publishers. In fact, this may be the single biggest success factor for regaining your costs and making a profit.  Many Christian self publishers don't understand or consider what it will take to sell their book... but savvy authors always plan ahead. This topic is the primary focus of the next step in Innovo's Learning Center journey toward self publishing--and can be reviewed here.

Collaborate with the publisher on revisions:  Once you have signed the author agreement and submitted payment, the publisher will begin to collaborate with you to complete the cover design and the interior book layout (called the bookblock). There are tremendous differences between Christian book publishing companies in this space.  Make sure you understand this process before you sign on.

Designing the cover: A book is judged by its cover--so make sure you have the cover package you need. Who has the final word on the cover?  What images can be used? Do you have to supply your own images or do they?  Who owns the copyright?  Can you reuse the cover design?  What about original art work?  Can you submit in hardcopy or only digitally?  All these questions should have been answered by this point so that there are no surprises.  Innovo offers turn-key cover design with it's packages--including professional stock photography and incorporating the author's original photos or art work. We make the cover design special and hassle-free for our authors. We also have artists who can create original, custom work, including images for Children's books.

Designing the bookblock (interior layout):  Similarly with the bookblock--there are huge differences in the services provided by Christian self-publishing companies.  This can range from not even looking at the manuscript to providing full editing and design layout.  You should spend time understanding this beforehand.  At Innovo, we can provide a professionally designed layout with our packages. Your book will look great and print superbly every time. And the author gets to review progress at every revision.

Editing your work:  Innovo offers exceptional value on editing services... and editing is one of the best investments any Christian self-publisher can make.  Self publishing your Christian or wholesome book before the content is ready is one of the most common mistakes of first time Christian self publishers. Keep in mind that even world-famous authors get help editing their work. Read a few acknowledgement pages and you will find authors on every level thanking their editors and researchers for making their manuscripts better. Innovo is delighted to offer professional editing services for Christian or wholesome self publishers, but whether you select our editing services or another--securing professional editing is one of the best investments Christian self publishers can make, and it is a great way to set your work apart from the rest.

Step 4: Marketing, Advertising & Selling Your Christian Book

Congratulations--you've come a long way. You've learned about honing your writing skills, discovered the "INs & Outs" of the Christian & wholesome self publishing industry, expanded your knowledge about selecting a publisher and publishing your book--and now in this final stage, we are going to focus on how to Market, Advertise and Sell your book, ebook or audio book.

Here's the main point: Every Christian self publisher needs to have a plan for marketing, advertising and selling his or her self published Christian book; This is essential and is often the largest obstacle self publishers face compared to traditional publishing. Ouch! But it's true. Even with the best Christian or wholesome book and an outstanding message--your Christian book will not sell as well as it otherwise could without a plan to let the world know about your book.

In this section of Innovo's Learning Center, we will share several key considerations for Christian book marketing, advertising and selling your self published book.  So take a look around and enjoy the information--and stop by often as we are constantly adding new information. We at Innovo Publishing wish you the very best in your Christian book publishing endeavors, and we would enjoy hearing from you about how this information has helped you on your journey toward Christian self publishing.

Independent Book Reviews: An independent book review or critique can provide the edge you need to make bigger sales. Have you ever noticed all the praise and endorsements on the back cover blurb of a best seller? They're always there and they make a difference.

A good review is worth its weight in gold, as it were. The more independent the review and the more well known the reviewer the better (but every review and good quote helps). You should post every good review you have--on your book, web site, social media site and any other place you can place it.

At Innovo, we've invested in reviews for our authors.  We offer both free and paid critiques. We also offer paid reviews of your self published Christian book through major industry players such as Clarion, and Kirkus--industry icons for reviews. You may use these review as part of your self publishing marketing, advertising and sells campaign with excerpts included in your Christian or wholesome book or web site.

Social Media & Book Video Trailers:
Social web sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are simply exploding in popularity and users.  Why should you care?  Because thousands of people are on the sites every day which means this may represent a great Christian book marketing opportunity for your book. Every self published author should include social media strategies to let people know about your Christian book--at a minimum setting up accounts, Group Pages or Fan Pages (or equivalent) on these sites.

At Innovo we offer custom consulting services to walk you through options for social media and Christian book marketing support. Innovo also creates custom "Video Trailers".  These are professional digital video clips about your book--complete with professional voiceover talent and music.  The book video trailers come with distribution services that allow us to post your Christian book video on YouTube, Christian Book Release, FaceBook and many other sites (including your own) to generate interest and sells for your book. In fact, Innovo's distribution services place your video on sites that report hundreds of thousands of visitors every day.  Book Video Trailers are a very important Christian book marketing tool that allows you to compete against the majors who use similar marketing strategies.

Press Releases: Newswire Press Releases are a must for strong PR campaigns. A well written press release is a perfect vehicle for announcing to the world the availability of your Christian or wholesome book, eBook or audio book. And the benefits of getting the word out are many--especially if other interested parties pick up the story.  So spend the time necessary to craft your tag lines well for maximum benefit.

At Innovo, we craft professional press releases that are distributed to popular newswire sources including Google News, MSN News, Ask News, Yahoo Search, Topix and thousands of journalists.  We will include search engine optimization target categories (a key benefit to ensure your target market hears the news).  We can even include up to a 2 minute video. You can post this same video on YouTube and other video feed sites.  This is great way to generate PR for your book.

Book Signings & Speaking Engagements: Book signings and speaking engagements remain at the core of the self publisher's marketing and advertising strategy.  Bookstores are often eager to host a local author's book signing events.  Likewise conference managers are always on the lookout for experts who can participate in round table discussions, workshops or give a talk on the topic at hand.

Innovo provides highly discounted author orders to support our authors in books signings and conferences.  Our hardback and paperback books and our audio books can be printed or manufactured on demand and drop shipped to a location of the author's choice.  Because we provide 100% royalties, Innovo authors can sell directly to customers in these forums and keep 100% of the profit. Rush orders and large quantities are no issue.

Business Cards, Flyers & Posters: Traditional media like business cards, post cards and posters continue to be staples of the local marketing campaign.  They are easy to use (you can drop them off at any place you travel to) and most local establishments are happy to help out one of their local authors.  They are also a must have for book signings and author speaking engagements.

Innovo offers a variety of high quality specialty services with your book's cover on them--ranging from business cards and posters to coffee mugs and t-shirts.

Author web sites are a must in today's Christian and wholesome self publishing world. Every author needs a landing page for their fans and potential customers.  Serious marketing plans nearly always include a web site based on the author's name or book title. You can post excerpts from your ebook or audio book there, along with audio clips, video clips or "book trailers."  Fans love a place to learn more.

Innovo offers services to set up and host a dedicated web page for Innovo authors ("Your-book's name".com or similar) and create a Web page for your book that includes your cover image, book blurb, author bio, and publisher information.  In addition, Innovo will provide a free on-line review of Chapter 1 of your book, and create prominent links to pages from which your book may be purchased. You can use your book's URL/web page in your marketing and advertising campaigns. This is a great hook to increase sales.

On-line Advertising:
Advertising your book on-line can be a powerful marketing technique. Millions of potential customers buy books on line and many of them would be happy to buy yours if they just knew about your book... enter on-line advertising.  On-line advertising comes in many forms.  Perhaps the best known is "click through" ad campaigns with Google, Yahoo, or MSN.  These companies allow individuals and companies to set up ad campaigns, with custom and targeted ads appearing in search results. The ads are triggered by "key words" typed in by users--so it is essential to understand and manage the right key words for an effective book campaign.  Ads can run for as little as a few cents a click to many dollars a click, so it is important to know how to set these up for maximum effectiveness.

Innovo offers a variety of options for establishing and managing on-line ad campaigns for Innovo authors.  In addition, we offer our authors the opportunity to participate in Google's on-line book search program.  This program essentially provides a means for people to find Innovo Author's books on-line and then read an excerpt before buying the book. It also provides links to on-line stores where our author's books can be purchased. What a fantastic way to market and sell your book.

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