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Innovo Publishing & Independent (Self) Publishers: A Match Made in Heaven!

In addition to Traditional Publishing and Cooperative Publishing, Innovo offers Independent (self) Publishing opportunities for Christian authors, artists and ministries. This page highlights how we publish titles for Christian Independent (Self) Publishers. (Please follow the links to Traditional Publishing or Cooperative Publishing if you are interested in learning more about these Christain publishing programs for Christian books, ebooks, audiobooks, music and film in these areas).

  • A Trusted Christian Self Publishing Partner: Innovo provides Independent (self) publishers with everything needed to publish, distribute & marketing their Christian books, Christian eBooks, Christian audiobooks (audio books), Christian music and Christian film or video book trailers to the global market place. We offer a great value to Christian Independent self publishers and use an honest and transparent business approach.
  • Super Fast Christian Independent (Self) Publishing Services: In as little as 45 days (using our Rush Service), Innovo can transform a Christian manuscript into a professional Christian book, Christian eBook or Christian audiobook. Christian Music titles, music videos and video book trailers can be professionally produced in 45 days as well.
  • Turn Key Christian Publishing Packages & Ala Carte Christian Independent Self Publishing Solutions: Innovo offers complete Christian self publishing packages and a number of ala carte Christian self publishing individual services. See our current SPECIALS and SALES for great savings. Innovo also offers Traditional Royalty Publishing for Christian authors, artists and ministries where Innovo picks up the tab and pays advances to authors.
  • Global Market Access for Christain Independent (Self) Publishers: Innovo provides Christian Independent (self) publishers access to millions of potential customers through our extensive global network, which includes major players like Amazon, iTunes, Audible, eMusic, Barnes & Noble, Rhapsody, and thousands of bookstores, music stores, libraries, schools, wholesalers and retailers around the globe.
  • Automatic Order Fulfillment for Christian Independent (Self) Publishers: Innovo provides automatic order fulfillment for every customer order of your Christian book, Christian eBook, Christian audiobook, Christian music title or Christian film or video through our ever growing global network. Innovo can print and bind a 500 page Christain book in about a minute and produce Christian music and Christian audio CDs anytime, on-demand, so Innovo Christian authors, artists and ministries do not have to purchase a single book or carry any inventory at all. And your electronic Christian music titles, Christian eBooks and Christian audio books are securely purchased and downloaded to your customers on demand anywhere in the world.
  • Automated Sales Tracking & 100% Royalty Payments for Christian authors, artists and ministries: Innovo manages and tracks all of your Christian book, ebook, audiobook, music and film sales and pays Christian authors, artists and ministries 100% royalties on every copy sold to 3rd parties through our global network. We pay royalties quarterly. 
  • Discounted Christian Author, Artist and Ministry Orders: Although our Christian authors, artists and ministreis do not have to purchase even a single copy of their books, ebooks, audiobooks, music, or films from Innovo, Christian Authors who choose to do so can purchase copies at very low costs. This transparent author, artist and ministry purchase policy is quite unique in the Christian independent self publishing industry and can save Christian authors $4 to $5 dollars per book or finished/packaged book or CD compared to our competitors. That adds up to big savings fast.
  • Marketing, Advertising & Specialty Publishing Services for Christian authors, artists and ministries: Innovo provides extensive marketing, advertising & specialty publishing support options for Christian and wholesome independent (self) publishers. Check out our list of marketing & advertising services and our specialty publishing services for more information.

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Innovo's publishing process is quick and simple...

Step 1: Tell us about you and your Christain book, music, or film project

Step 2: Select the Christain publishing program and services you would like

Step 3: Approve author agreement and pay invoice

Then Celebrate--Because You Are About To Become A Published Christian Author!

Step 1: Tell us about you and your Christian book, music, or film project.

Call us toll free at 1-888-546-2111 or use this form to submit your Christian work for a free critique, theological review, and publishing readiness assessment.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase as a result of calling or filling out the form.


Step 2: Select the publishing program and services you would like.

If your Christian book, music, or film project is accepted for publication, use the Author/Artist Information Form to tell us what you want to purchase. We'll send
you a detailed quote, author agreement, and customized electronic invoice, which may be paid by check, money order, or major credit or debit card.

Step 3:  Approve author agreement and pay invoice.

The terms and conditions of the author agreement are simple and designed to communicate what is expected from both parties. Before we can begin working on your project, the author agreement must be signed and returned to Innovo via fax (901-221-4055), email, or US mail, and the invoice must be paid.


Please contact us with any questions you may have about our order process:  1-888-546-2111.

About FAQsGetting Started with Innovo Publishing is Easy! First, browse our offerings of Christian traditional publishing, Christian co-publishing, and Christian independent (self) Publishing programs from our web site or call our toll free customer support line at 888.546.2111 to discuss your Christian book, ebook, audiobook, music and film publishing options.

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