Innovo’s Media Blitz Marketing & Publicity Campaign

Price: $2,895. Order here and our Innovo representative will contact you within 2 to 5 business days.

Let our Innovo publicists work with you to create a plan targeting the right media contacts for your book, e-book, audiobook, music, and/or video/film title. This three-week publicity blitz will launch your title(s) into the hands of high-priority media contacts.

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What’s Included: In a quick but thorough publicity campaign blitz, your book, e-book, audiobook, music, or film is promoted to targeted print (magazine and newspapers), broadcast (television and radio), and online media contacts with the goal of covering you and your book in some way.

Specifically, your Innovo publicist will:

  • Ask you an extensive series of questions to learn more about you, your title (book, e-book, audiobook, music, and/or film title), and your goals
  • Review your title(s) and your responses to our publicity/marketing questionnaire via a one-hour call to discuss strategy and goals, and then work closely with you to develop a professional press release about your title(s)
  • Create a targeted media list of local, regional, and national print magazine and newspapers, broadcast media, such as radio and television stations, and influential online bloggers, e-zines, and Web sites in the U.S. (or Canada, UK, or Australia if the global package is selected)
  • Send e-mails of your press release to this targeted list and include one round of e-mail follow-ups
  • Work with you to create a high-priority media list of twenty contacts to whom we will mail your book/title and press release
  • Send you media requests you can use to follow up directly. This may include you sending the media a copy of your book for potential coverage, and/or setting up interview times or answering questions from interested media contacts
  • Send all information necessary for you to schedule opportunities when media interest is received

*25 copies of your book are required for this campaign. If you used one of our publishing packages, we are happy to send the complimentary copies of your title, if any, directly to your Innovo publicist.













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