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New.U by Jason Creech

Are you just getting started as a new Christian?

Then you probably have a lot of questions.

In this five-week devotional you'll discover a boatload of answers.

Learn the simplicity of the Christian life.

Welcome to freedom.

Welcome to the new.U

img134779421Jason Creech became a Jesus follower at age 19.  After earning his bachelor's degree in art and design, he took his first staff position at a local church in Southeastern Kentucky.  He has 14 years of pastoral experience in the area of student ministry.

In 2006, Jason founded Mirror-Mirror, a nonprofit organization that allowed him to bring high-energy events, college scholarships, cash prizes, and the hope found in Jesus Christ to over 58,000 public school students throughout Kentucky and abroad.

Additional titles by Jason include DEALING WITH THE S WORDS: Self-Esteem, Significance, Sex, Secrets, Suicide; and NAVIGATE: Simplifying The Search For God's Will.


New.U is a resource that keeps on giving. I used the book as a curriculum for several weeks in our youth meetings. The stories and illustrations were so memorable that we hear students repeat them often. It is such a fun resource to study that I actually had students asking me for a copy...of a book! (Miraculous!) I have given several copies of the book to students as a gift or as prizes for various achievements. On top of all the many uses I have gotten from this resource, my favorite use is the personal devotion and daily reading. In all my years of ministry to teens I have met well over 30,000 youth leaders…. but few were leading teens to be fashioned in the likeness of their Maker! Jason Creech has a profound way of bringing the thoughts of God into the minds of the youth of today.

-Greg DeVries, Pastor of The Rock Family Worship Center;
Founder of Expectations Ministries;
Board member of Mirror-Mirror

I'm still getting a great response from the last time Jason spoke to our congregation. It seems as though whether it's through the books he has written or speaking in person, the gift of communicating to the hearts of the people is there every time.

-Pastor David King, Middlesboro, KY

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