About Innovo Publishing LLC

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About Innovo Publishing LLC

Innovo Publishing, LLC is a Christian-based, family-owned publishing company offering Traditional Publishing, Cooperative Publishing & Independent (Self) Publishing (Hardback, Paperback, Children's Books, Color Books, eBooks, AudioBooks, Music & Videos)

Traditional Publishing Model

In Innovo's TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING MODEL, Innovo acquires the book, music and video rights depending on the type of title being published and pays the author or artist an advance against royalties. Innovo funds all costs to publish the title. The author or artist makes no financial commitments. In addition, Innovo pays the author or artist royalties on a quarterly basis.

As a traditional royalty publisher, Innovo is highly selective and will acquire and invest in a small number of titles/submissions each year. All submissions must be in electronic format.

Cooperative Publishing

In Innovo's COOPERATIVE PUBLISHING MODEL , Innovo and the author share the financial investment and resulting royalties in a custom agreement. The Author retains copyright of the book, music or video title being published, and agrees to an exclusive publishing arrangement with Innovo for a specific time period. The author and Innovo jointly invest in the title -- and Innovo provides the publishing services to prepare, publish and market the title. The Author's financial investment is 100% refunded AND Innovo will convert the contract to a Traditional Publishing agreement if the title sells an agreed-upon number of copies within the exclusive contract period. Innovo pays the author or artist royalties on a quarterly basis.

As with all cooperative publishers, Innovo is selective and will acquire and invest in a moderate number of titles/submissions each year. All submissions must be in electronic format and submitted using the upload form on this page (unless otherwise agreed in advance).

Independent Publishing

In addition to Traditional Publishing and Cooperative Publishing, Innovo offers Independent (self) Publishing opportunities for authors, artists, and organizations.

In Innovo's INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING MODEL, the Author/Artist retains all rights to the title; funds all costs to prepare, publish and market the title; and receives 100% of the royalties on each copy sold. The contract with Innovo is non-exclusive, and there is no minimum book or music title order required. Innovo provides the turn-key publishing services purchased to prepare, publish and market the title, including distribution access to the world through thousands of wholesalers, retailers, libraries and schools and automatic order fulfillment. Every title must meet Innovo's quality, style and conservative theological standards to be published.

About Innovo Publishing 2 LRInnovo Corporate Office, 159 College St. Collierville, TNIn all of our publishing models, Innovo works hand in hand with authors, organizations and artists to turn their dreams and ideas into professional books, ebooks (Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Adobe), audiobooks (MP3 and CD), music titles and videos and distribute them to the world in printed and electronic formats.

In as little as 45 days, we will transform your Christian or wholesome manuscript into a professionally designed hardback, paperback or color book/children's book. We also are able to publish your work as an audiobook, music title or eBook (Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad, Andriod, etc.), compatible with the latest PCs, mobile devices, phones and MP3 players.

Our distribution network contains thousands of wholesalers and retailers such as Audible, iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, bookstores, music stores, libraries, schools, and others through which our authors, organizations and artists gain access to millions of customers from around the globe.  And when your independent/self-published book is purchased through our global network, Innovo automatically fulfills the orders, collects the payments, and pays authors 100% royalties every quarter.

Our Christian & wholesome Independent self-publishing services include your choice of several Innovo Self Publishing Bundled packages or individual self-publishing services to get your book to market.

Whether you need a few copies for your family and friends or want to go global and advertise and market your work to millions, we have an affordable, Independent self-publisher bundle or individual self-publishing service to meet your specific needs. We can help you publish a Christian or wholesome book quickly and affordably -- and we offer 100% royalties, a non-exclusive contract and we ensure that authors keep all the rights to their books.paste472Dr. Bart Dahmer
Innovo Founder & Managing Partner

From professional cover designs and interior book layouts to professional editing, book reviews /critiques, translation services and cutting edge marketing and advertising support, we have Christian and wholesome self-publishers covered.

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When you join with Innovo to publish your book, we feel like you are joining our family.  Click here to see what our Innovo authors have to say about their journey with Innovo.



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Innovo Publishing has a global distribution network that includes many of the most respected companies in the word
 Innovo Publishing is an Accredited, A+ Rated Member of the Memphis Area Better Business Bureau  Innovo Publishing is a member in good standing with the Independent Book Publishers Association  endorsement-cba-optimized  Innovo Publishing is a member in good standing of the Collierville Chamber of Commerce