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The Steward Investor by Don Simmons (Excerpt)

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Innovo's Featured Authors & Books

Innovo's Featured Authors

Adrian Rogers
Standing for Light and Truth by Dr. Adrian Rogers
Adrianisms: The Whit and Wisdom of Adrian Rogers
Wonder and Worship by Adrian Rogers and Love Worth Finding

Read more about Dr. Adrian Rogers, pastor, teacher, and leader of the faith. See these and other titles by Adrian Rogers and his legacy ministry, Love Worth Finding Ministries.

Charles Fowler
Biblical Truth for Women, Edited by Dr. Charles Fowler, president of Carson-Newman
Biblical Truths for Men, Edited By Dr. Charles Fowler, President Carson Newman University

Read more about Dr. Charles Fowler, president of Carson Newman University, and his books, Biblical Truths for Men and Biblical Truths for Women. 

Dennis Jernigan
Sing Over Me, An Autobiography by Dennis Jernigan
Captured, Book 1 in the Chronicles of Bren Series, a mystical journey of self-discovery for a young bullied teen (a wholesome Christ-centered coming of age trilogy)
Renewing Your Mind by Dennis Jernigan teaches everyone how to take every thought captive in Christ to overcome any addition.

Read more about Dennis Jernigan and his autobiography and his numerous other Christian and wholesome fiction and non-fiction titles... for children, teens, and adults.  

Joanne Klusmeyer
Gifts from the Catalog and Cabin of the Carver: Book 1 in the 7 book An Anthology Series of Southern Historical Fiction by Joann Klusmeyer
The Burnt Tree Junction 6 Book Southern Historical Fiction Anthology Series by Joann Klusmeyer
Pioneer Kids: A 5-Book Anthology Series of southern historical fiction set in rural Arkansas for tweens and teens by Joann Klusmeyer

Ms. Joann Klusmeyer is the daughter of pioneer missionary parents. She grew up in rural Arkansas and learned and served in the little country church her father built and then pastored. Ms. Klusmeyer is a prolific author with over 50 titles to her credit (and counting).


Kristy Shelton
Blind_Faith, book three in the Blinders trilogy by Kristy Shelton
Restitution: A Novel by Kristy Shelton
The Double Dare Circle by Kristy Shelton

Read more about the Blinder's Historical Fiction Trilogy, Restitution, the Double Dare Circle,and other captivating  books by Kristy Shelton - wife, mother, teacher, coach, and prolific Christian author.  

Leah Stanley
Goodnight Sweet: A Caregiver's Long Goodbye by Leah Stanley
Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer's or Other Dementia: Everything I Wish I Had Known by Leah Stanley

Read the true life account of how Leah Stanley took care of her grandparents and later her parents who had Alzheimer's (Goodnight Sweet) and the remarkable planning & resource guide she prepared for others who find themselves on this caregiving journey (Everything I Wish I Had Known).

Michael Spradlin
Personal_Evangelism by Dr. Michael Spradlin, President of Mid America Seminary & University
Sons of the 43rd by Michael R. Spradlin, President of Mid America Seminary & University
That One Face, by Dr. Michael Spradlin, President of Mid America Seminary & University

Read more about these and other books by Dr. Michael R. Spradlin, President of Mid American Seminary & University. Personal Evangelism, Sons of the 43rd., and That One Face.

Children's Book Collection
Paisley Little: Finding a Masterpiece by Deb Grizzle
Henry The Tulip Bulb Discovers an Attitude of Gratitude by Linda M. Brandt, author and artist.
Spike Henry: A Little Nudge by Donna Lea
A Minute With Molly: 52 Etiquette Lessons for Kids by Judy Bollweg.

See more Children's books by Innovo Publishing authors  including Deb Grizzle, Linda M. Brandt, Donna Lea , Kelly Johnson, Judy Bollwig, Kristy Shelton, Nathalie Johnson, and many other Innovo Children's book authors..