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How can you be a better steward as a Christian author?

Some authors see Costs & Risks as problems.  

Others see them as Opportunities to become better stewards for God!

Publish Through Your Business & Save Big Money. 

If you spend $5000 dollars to research, write, publish and market a book as an individual (i.e., a sole proprietor)... that money comes right out of your pocket so to speak.

Wouldn't it be great if you could still get the help you need, but record the cost as a "business expense?"  If you start a business like an LLC or Nonprofit you could legally write this off as a business "expense" and thereby avoid paying taxes on the entire amount!

Using this approach (of publishing through your business), you could save 15 to 38% of the costs depending on your tax bracket. Many authors could save up to $1,900 dollars on a single book!

Publish Through Your Business & Limit Personal Risk. 

If you were sued, as an author, for liable, slander, copyright infringement, or perhaps taking a Biblical stand on any number of social issues in your book--what risk would you face?

Well, if you published your book as an individual (i.e., a sole proprietor) all of your family's personal assets -- like your home, savings, and any other assets--could be at risk to cover legal fees and damages.
But if you published as part of your business--your legal and financial risks would be limited to the business' assets--not your home, savings, or other personal assets. This approach could save you and your family from financial disaster.  

If you want to be a better steward, start & publish through a business.

You will reduce your risk and save on costs.

It's quick, easy, and inexpensive.  

Select the right fit

Choose either an LLC or a Nonprofit business structure.

Save time & money

The cost is under $500 and requires 5- 8 hours, plus filing fees and government processing time.

Relax & rest easy

We have your back, and provide everything you need to start your business in three simple steps... 

1. Jumpstart in minutes

Start your LLC in 3 easy steps with the industry leader in online business formation.

2. Do it right

Our tools offer step-by-step guidance to help you launch and protect your new business in YOUR state. 

3. Get the help you need

Our network of experienced experts will help you launch and grow.

Consider the benefits of 

owning your own business

Not-For-Profit Corporation (with tax exemption)

  • Limits Legal Liability to the Business Entity 
  • Avoids sales tax on business purchases
  • Enables "Tax Free" Donations to Your Non-Profit
  • Enables Expense to be "Written Off"
  • Legally Avoids Federal Taxes on Revenue Generated

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Limits Legal Liability to the Business Entity
  • Enables Expenses to be "Written off"
  • Reduces Taxes Owed (taxes apply to net profits
  • Allows Loses to Offset Earnings
  • Enables Business Equity (Business can increase in value)
Branded Collateral Created for you by Innovo

Branded Collateral is Available too...  

for your new or existing Business

Branded Collateral created for you by Innovo Publishing

Business Logo

Business Cards

Book & Product Posters

Book Marks & Cards

Branded Clothing

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What are you waiting for?

If you can write a book--you can certainly handle the paperwork to create an LLC or a Nonprofit. It is quick, painless, and affordable.

A happy Innovo author - Sarah

Don't wait another minute! You are going to be so happy when you start your own business and  write off the costs of publishing you book.

A happy Innovo author - Tom

Being a good steward of your talents and the resources God has provided is important. Take the first step by starting an LLC or Nonprofit. 

A happy Innovo author - Denise

You may not realize how important having a non-profit business is to your writing ministry. Allowing people to make tax deductible donations is a wonderful blessing.