Publishing Paths And Pricing

  • Traditional Publishing (Publisher Funded)

  • Cooperative Publishing (Shared Funding)

  • Independent Publishing  (Author Funded)

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Traditional Publishing-Publisher Funded

Summary:  With Innovo's Traditional Publishing path, Innovo funds 100% of the financial costs and pays the author an advance and quarterly royalties. Innovo assumes all the financial risk and earns money (or not) based on sales. The author makes no financial commitments of any kind, but is expected to actively market and publicize the title online and in various forums for as long as the title is in print.  Innovo's Traditional Publishing path is highly competitive and is well suited for authors who are on the speaker circuit or who have a substantial physical or online following.  The first step for being considered is to submit your title for Innovo's FREE critique.

STEP 1: REQUEST FOR CRITIQUE: If you or your literary agent are interested in a Traditional Publishing arrangement with Innovo, please submit your completed title to Innovo for a FREE critique by CLICKING HERE.

  • Submissions should include a completed title (i.e., completed manuscript, screenplay, music, etc.) and a synopsis (500 words or less), author bio, and publication list (additional information may be requested after receipt of your title). 
  •  Innovo always conducts a FREE editorial and theological review of every title we publish--so submitting your completed title for our FREE critique is always the first step toward being published by Innovo.

STEP 2: RECEIVE FEEDBACK WITH OFFER OR REMEDIATION:  After Innovo completes your FREE critique, we will send you a written review that includes our assessment of your title's readiness for publishing, and either offer a publishing proposal or recommend remediation.

  • For more information about how Innovo's Traditional Publishing Model works, please CLICK HERE.
Intrusion by Kris Detrow. Published by Innovo Publishing LLC


I can't even tell you how happy I have been with Innovo.

The service is amazing.

When you are done, you will consider [Innovo] a friend.

Can't say enough.

Kris DetrowInnovo Author, The Intrusion