The "Top 10 Reasons" to Go Innovo

Dr. Bart Dahmer, Founder & CEO of Innovo Publishing LLC
Innovo Publishing partners with Christian authors, artists, and ministries from around the world to prepare, publish, market, and sell Christian and wholesome titles. 

Since our start in 2008, we've been a part of preparing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, and fulfilling orders for tens of thousands of books, ebooks, audiobooks, music, screenplays, and online and physical curricula in the US and several countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

I sometime can't believe that God is allowing me and our Innovo team to partner with so many authors, artists, and ministries from every walk of life who love God and want to honor Jesus through writing and their ministries.  
As I thought about writing this article about reasons to partner with Innovo, I came away with a final list that may surprise you (it did me). 

While I am thankful for the technical expertise and the excellent work our team does every day for our clients, I've come to believe that our true value isn't "PUBLISHING", as odd as that may seem. In my view, publishing and all of the skills and expertise that go with it are simply tools to be used for a greater purpose. Our real value, I think, is being a part of the Body of Christ and performing our part in the good works the Lord has prepared in advance that we should walk in.... not just individually--but also as part of the Body of Christ.

I've come to think of all of us at Innovo as "facilitators." That is, I believe our calling is to help those believers whom God has given a word - to help them prepare and package the message and then help get it into the hands of those who need it using our publishing tools. As I look back over time, I can see how God has prepared each member of our team to function this way, and I'm grateful. It is great to be a part of God's plans... little branches connected to the Vine, and delighting in the fruit he bears through our connection with Him.    
So, what are the "Top 10 Reasons" for partnering with Innovo? 
Well, I've started with the "Top 5 Reasons".  
1. Our editorial & design skills
2. Our global publishing & distribution capabilities.
3. Our marketing, advertising, and publicity programs
4. Our business & ministry acumen
5. Our full-service, one-stop-shop
1. God sent you to Innovo in answer to your prayers for help in getting the word out.
2. After praying for guidance, God has given you peace and affirmation about collaborating with Innovo.
3. You seek a genuine, trusting, relationship with your publisher as co-laborers in Christ.
4. You are not seeking fame and fortune but are humbly seeking to do what the Lord asked you to do.
5. Praying together with your publishing team and asking for God's wisdom and direction would be a welcome practice.   

If this "short list" resonates with you, I'd enjoy hearing from you & answering any questions you may have.

In Christ,