About Innovo Publishing LLC

Innovo FAQ's

1. I want to publish with Innovo.  How do I get started?
  • Everything starts with our FREE review and critique of your manuscript, music, screenplay, or film. Click the button below to get sarted
  • Our critique includes an editorial review, a theological review, and a publishing readiness review. All of which is Free.
  • From this we will provide a FREE WRITTEN evaluation of strengths and areas that need to be improved along with our recommendations. 
  • This service is FREE with no strings attached.
2.  What are my publishing options, costs, & fees with Innovo?

Innovo offers three distinct publishing models and each one offers a unique value proposition based on the level of financial risk taken by the publisher and the author.  

  1. With our traditional publishing model, Innovo picks up all the costs and assumes all the financial risks for publishing the Author's book. The Author is offered a written publishing contact that includes an advance and royalty commitments from Innovo.  Innovo either makes money or not based on sales and royalties earned.
  2. With our Cooperative publishing model, the author and publisher share the risks and rewards according to their contributions. If sales go well, the Author is paid a bonus equal to their publishing investment. The Author is offered a written publishing contact with these commitments from Innovo in writing. After the initial investments, Innovo either makes money or not based on sales. 
  3. With our Independent publishing model, the author picks up all the costs and assumes all of the financial risks for publishing the Author's book.  In return, the Author receives all of the royalties on sales. The Author is offered a written publishing contact with these commitments from Innovo. Innovo does not earn royalties with this model--the author earns all of the royalties.

3. What happens if we have a disagreement while working with Innovo? 

  • First of all, it is very rare for Innovo and our clients to have any disagreement that aren't resolved in the normal course of collaborating together.  
  • To keep it that way, Innovo always offers a written contract that outlines the commitments of both the Author and Publisher before we begin work. This is a great tool for communicating what is expected of both parties.  
  • Because of our written contract and ongoing collaboration, Innovo author's never have to guess about advance, royalties, copyright, book costs, decision rights, or similar issues.  
  • And to hold ourselves accountable, we include a third-party Christian conciliation process in our contract that our authors can invoke to ensure that any misunderstandings--that are not resolved in the normal course of collaborations--are mediated and resolved by a neutral third-party Christian who is agreed to by both parties. 
4. How long has Innovo been in business?
  • Innovo started operations in March of 2008.  
  • We are an "ACCREDITED" business with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating (the highest rating available). 
  • We are also members in good standing with our local Chamber of Commerce.
  • We are a member in good standing of the Independent Book Publisher's Association.
  • We run Innovo's operations on long-standing Christ-centered, Biblical principles. 

5. Do I have to buy books from Innovo if I publish through Innovo?

  • No. Innovo authors are never required to buy books from Innovo no matter which publishing model is used.

6. Will Innovo publish my book "as is" without any editing, design, or other work?

  • No.  Before Innovo will agree to publish any book, under any of our publishing models, it must undergo our free manuscript critique process.
  • During this process we conduct an editorial review, a theological review, and a publishing readiness review.
  •  When our review is completed, we provide a written assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript and how to improve them.
  • If the author receiving the critique would like to publish through Innovo, they must address the improvements needed, but that does not have to be accomplished by Innovo (although the author can collaborate with us to address the issues).  
  • Once the updates are completed and affirmed we can accept the manuscript, but we always create a custom cover and we always design and format the interior ourselves so that we can ensure our clients books meet the industry's highest editorial and design standards and be retail and print ready. 

7. What types of Specialty Services or "Add-Ons" does Innovo offer?

  • In addition to our core services such as professional editing, custom manuscript design & layout, custom cover design, print and retail-ready packaging, US and International distribution, automatic order fulfillment, sales tracking & royalty payments for books, eBooks, audiobooks, music, screenplays, film, and physical and online courses . . . Innovo offers a number of harder-to-find specialty services (i.e.,  "add-on" services) including: 
  • translation services
  • leather and other high-end books,
  • On-demand printing & binding services 
  • large-scale off-set press manufacturing (for a lower cost per book)
  •  comic book & graphic novel develop
  • illustrations & graphic design services
  • US copyright registration services
  • marketing materials & branded business collateral
  • professional voiceover & narration services
  • image restoration and enhancement services
  • business start-up services
  • website & social media creation & content management services
  • marketing, advertising, and publicity services
  • ghost writing services
  •  on-line courses & best practices documents,
  •  ministry and organizational transformation consulting.

7. What advice do you have for authors who want to write for the Christian & wholesome markets?

  • Love God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus said that from these two commands flow everything else that God desires for us.  When we are reconciled and walking in fellowship with God and our neighbors, our writing will become meaningful and helpful and our readers will take notice.
  • Scripture says fear (or reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  So, when we write with the wisdom He provides and when our writing reflects His heart, thoughts, and desires . . . then what we write will have true value.  To be a great writer for the Christian and wholesome markets, seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. 
  • We are also commanded to work as unto the Lord.  So, I would urge everyone to strive for excellence in their craft.  Read everything you can and write every chance you get. Join a writer's group and take every opportunity to receive, ponder, and apply constructive feedback. Consider all feedback as a gift.