How Innovo Publishes - Summary

Innovo Publishing's Three Publishing Models - An Overview

Innovo Publishing partners with Christian authors, artists, and organizations to publish and market professional books, ebooks, audiobooks, music, screenplays, film & curricula around the world using three publishing paths:  traditional publishingco-publishing & independent publishing.

While highly selective in all of our programs, we encourage you to review our publishing options to find the best fit for you. You may submit your manuscript today, or, if you would like to know if your work is ready for publication you can also take advantage of our exclusive free manuscript critique found here

What Innovo Publishes

Audiobook Publishing
Innovo's Audiobook Publishing for Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries

Innovo provides everything you need to create and publish your Christian audiobook in digital and physical formats, including professional narrators, audio engineers, cover and package designers, and more. Your audiobook will be available globally through Audible, iTunes, Amazon, and more...

Book Series Publishing
Innovo's Book Series Design and Publishing for Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries

Publishing a book series? Then you've come to the right place! We know how important a book series can be for branding and marketing. That's why we'll collaborate with you to develop your complete series design before your first book is even released, ensuring continuity while allowing prospective customers to know what's coming next…

Children's Book Publishing
IInnovo Irresistible Children's Book Publishing for Christian & Wholesome Markets

Irresistible Children's Books made easy! Innovo provides everything you need to turn your idea into a full-color, vibrantly illustrated, and seriously fun Children's book available globally in a variety of formats...

Christian Music Publishing
Innovo Publishing's Christian Music Publishing Services for the Christian & Wholesome Markets

The Innovo Music Group (IMG) provides Christian music artists, writers, and ministries access to the world with complete, turn-key music publishing packages, distribution, sales, and support.

Courses and Curricula
Innovo Course and Curricula Publishing for Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries

Innovo can help create, publish, market, and sell your physical and on-line courses or an entire curriculum. Innovo's courses and curricula may have any combination of text, graphics, animation, audio, video, tests, and quizzes built-in, and our on-line platform meets stringent requirements for interoperability--meaning you can import other existing courses into your curriculum…

eBooks and Multimedia Books
Innovo's eBook and Multimedia Book Publishing for Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries

Innovo creates and publishes exceptional eBooks and Mulimedia books in the industry's most sought-after formats that are compatible with Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks, and all smart phones and PCs...

Hardback Books
Innovo Publishing's Hardback Book Publishing Services for the Christian & Wholesome Markets

A well-designed hardcover book can do wonders for an Author’s personal brand and ministry goals. Hardcover books are important for personal and public libraries, gifts for ministry donors and business associates, and they are essential for anyone on the speaker circuit. Hardcovers represent an essential component of a multi-edition (e.g., hardback, paperback, eBook, and audiobook editions) release strategy targeting multiple market segments…

Paperback Book Publishing
Innovo's Paperback Book Publishing for Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries

Innovo is a full-service publisher, capable of handling not only your paperback publishing needs but hardback, audiobook, eBook, screenplay, music, and curricula publishing as well!.

Screenplay Writing 
Innovo Publishing Feature Film Screen Play Production Services.

Would you like to adapt your book into a Feature Film Screenplay or write an original screenplay… but need some help? With Innovo’s Feature Film Screenplay Services, our experienced screenplay writers can collaboratively ghost write an original screenplay or adapt your existing book into a Feature Film Screenplay for you that meets all of Hollywood’s standards! And you own the copyright. Innovo can provide everything you need, including pitch and investor materials…

Dr. Nathalie Johnson, author of Rivers' Walk. Published by Innovo Publishing LLC


To say that I am excited and amazed about how the book looks is an understatement!!!  I cannot believe how beautiful this looks.  What a treat to see the "finished product"!   Thank you so much for your time and energy on this project; it has been such a joy for me to work on!

Dr. Nathalie Johnson

Dr. Nathalie Johnson Innovo Author, Rivers' Walk

How Innovo Publishes - Detail

  • Traditional Publishing

  • Cooperative Publishing

  • Independent Publishing

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Traditional Publishing Tab with Info

Innovo acquires book, music, screenplay, or film rights, and pays the author/artist/agent an advance and royalties. Innovo funds all costs to publish the Title. Author/Artist/Agent makes no financial commitments.

  • Author/Artist/Agent submits Christian title (manuscript, music, screenplay, film) using Innovo's upload tool or as agreed beforehand.
  • Agent submissions are encouraged and welcome for traditional publishing consideration, although direct Author/Artist submissions are also accepted.
  • Innovo reviews submissions for quality, style, and market match.
  • If selected, Innovo offers a contract and acquires all title rights.
  • Innovo pays an advance to author/artist and pays royalties on each copy sold.
  • Innovo prepares, publishes, and markets title.
  • Innovo assumes the financial risk for projects and funds the entire publishing effort.

Submission Considerations

  • As a traditional royalty publisher, Innovo is highly selective and will acquire and invest in a   moderate number of titles/submissions each year.
  • All submissions must be in electronic format and submitted using the upload form on this page (unless otherwise agreed in advance).
  • Agent submissions are encouraged and welcome for Traditional royalty publishing considerations. Authors'/Artists' direct submissions are also accepted.
  • Proposals/submissions for books should include the following: Working Title, Length/Word Count, Genre Type, Main Topic/Theme, Target Audience, List of Similar Published Titles, Marketing/Promotion Ideas, Completion/Target Completion Date, Book Summary (500 words or less), Table of Contents (Major headings only),  Sample Chapter(s) or complete manuscript if available.
  • Music submissions preferred in MP3, WMA or ACC digital formats.  Video submissions   preferred in MP4, AVI or WMV formats.
  • Innovo pays author/artist an advance and royalty payments which are outlined in writing in the contract.
  • All submissions must align with Innovo's published Statement of Faith or it will not be considered. Innovo Publishing is a conservative, evangelical Christian publisher.  We do not publish "prosperity gospel" titles or similar.
  • Due to the volume of submissions received, response time will vary, but is usually within 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Submissions will not be returned.
  • Innovo publishes professional Christian and wholesome books, ebooks, audiobooks, music, screenplays and film globally.
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