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Innovo FAQ's

Getting Started with Innovo Publishing is Easy:
  1. First, browse our offerings of traditional publishing, co-publishing, or independent (self) Publishing programs from our web site or call our toll free customer support line at 888.546.2111 to discuss your self publishing options.
  2. Then take a look at our self publishing manuscript preparation and submission guidelines.  These two documents outline how to prepare your manuscript and how to avoid the most common manuscript and submission mistakes.
  3. When you are ready, use our order and submission process to select your self publishing services package and options, and upload your materials to Innovo.  This process usually takes about 15 minutes.  Our order process is quick and simple.
  4. After we receive your order and payment, one of Innovo's self publishing consultants will begin working with you to get your Christian or wholesome book published.  It's that simple!
 Innovo's Self Publishing Process is Quick & Simple:
  1. Once you have purchased your self publishing Innovo Self Publishing Program or Innovo's Individual Self Publishing Services, and uploaded your materials, our Author consultants will contact you and begin working with you on your Christian or wholesome book.
  2. With Innovo's Self Publishing Programs, your book will be ready for approval within 85 days or less.  Or with our lightning fast RUSH Service you can be ready to self publish in as little as 45 days!
  3. We will send you a proof copy of your print edition books for approval.  eBooks and audio books will be sent electronically for approval as well.
  4. Once you approve the print, ebook or audio book, we will distribute your book to our network of distributors, wholesalers and retailers (depending on the service you purchased).
  5. Authors can place direct orders for their self published book as soon as the proof is approved.  Retail orders of audiobooks, ebooks and print books can begin within 1 to 5 days of approval with full availability through all selected channels between 1 and 5 weeks.
  6. With the InnovoPro or InnovoBlockbuster self publishing program, we will establish your book's marketing and advertising services in parallel with the book development & self publishing process.  We can also provide independent book reviews and critiques which can be indispensable.
  7. Innovo will work with you every step of the way.  Our self publishing consultants will work with you to take care of all the self publisher details.
Innovo Self Publishing Programs
  1. Innovo Publishing offers three self publishing bundled programs with everything you need to create and self publish your book in 85 days or less.  Or with our RUSH Service, Christian and wholesome self publishers can self publish a book in just 45 days!
  2. InnovoBasic is perfect for self publishing a book for sharing with your family and friends or organization. It includes a deluxe custom book cover & interior layout of your book with a barcode & ISBN number, and your book is available in paperback (with an option for a hard back book).
  3. InnovoPro is targeted for those wanting to go commercial with their Christian or wholesome book and self publishing effort.  The self publishing package includes a deluxe custom book cover & interior layout with barcode & ISBN and is offered in paperback through Innovo & major US wholesalers & retailers (e.g., Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc), with marketing support.
  4. InnovoBlockbuster is the commercial best seller self publishing bundle!  This self publishing package includes a deluxe custom cover & interior layout with barcode & ISBN and is offered in paperback & eBook versions (with an option for a hard back book) through Innovo & major wholesalers & retailers in the US & Europe (e.g., Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc), with book marketing & advertising support.
  5. Of course with all of our self publishing packages, you can choose many options such as a hardcover edition, a professionally narrated audiobook edition or any of 4 eBook editions.

Innovo also offers unique self publishing individual services and personalized book-related merchandise for our Christian and wholesome self publishers.

Innovo Individual Self Publisher Services
  1. In addition to self publishing Bundled Packages, Innovo Publishing also offers unique Individual Self Publishing Services and Personalized Book-Related Merchandise to help you self publish,  advertise & market your Christian and wholesome book.  With Innovo Individual Self Publishing Services, you select only the self publishing services you need, only when you need them for your Christian or wholesome books, eBooks or audiobooks.
  2. Innovo's self publishing Individual Services are grouped into 4 self publishing categories and detail on each can be seen by clicking the links below:
Self Publishing Options & Prices
  • Innovo's self publishing options and prices are the very best value in the industry for Christian and wholesome self publishers.
  • In addition to great prices, Innovo self publishers receive a 100% Royality payment on books sold to 3rd party retailers such as bookstores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others.
  • Check around and you will see that Innovo's self publishing book Royalty policy is unprecedented for Christian and wholesome self publishers!
  • Read Innovo's "Open Letter to Authors" written by Innovo's Founder to learn more about royalties and Christian self publishing industry trends.
  • Innovo's price list for self publishing book packages and individual self publishing services can be seen using the links below.
  1. InnovoBundles (complete Christian and wholesome self publishing packages)
  2. Pre Publishing Services (essential Christian and wholesome self publishing services)
  3. Marketing Services (professional self publishing book advertising & book marketing tools)
  4. Specialty Services (independent book reviews & critiques and unique book services)
  5. Personalize Merchandise (personalized book cover coffee mugs, book cover t-shirts, and book cover posters)


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Innovo Publishing has a global distribution network that includes many of the most respected companies in the word
 Innovo Publishing is an Accredited, A+ Rated Member of the Memphis Area Better Business Bureau  Innovo Publishing is a member in good standing with the Independent Book Publishers Association  endorsement-cba-optimized  Innovo Publishing is a member in good standing of the Collierville Chamber of Commerce