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Innovo's Audiobook Publishing for Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries
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Innovo's Digital and Physical Audiobooks are RETAIL READY with GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION and AUTOMATIC FULFILLMENT


VoiceOver Actors/Narrators, Audio Engineers & Editors, Graphic Designers, CD & Cover Designers, Project Managers, and Lots of Experience 


Innovo provides "Turn-Key" audiobook services for our authors. We handle everything from start to finish so you can relax.

  • Everything starts with a completed and professionally edited manuscript and your selection of the Innovo voice artist that's just right for your book.  
  • Then we voice your book, review and make any needed enhancements, and once you and Innovo approve everything, we address all of the technical specs required to publish your auidobook with Audible, Amazon, iTunes and dozens more audiobook resellers.  
  • In addition, we can provide our authors with digital and physical audiobooks that they can sell through their ministry or their website.  
  • In addition to audiobooks, Innovo creates hardbacks, paperbacks, eBooks, multimedia books, children’s books, screenplays, and courses. Our ebooks and multimedia books can include audio, video & animations that bring your book to life for your readers. So whatever your preferences, Innovo has you covered with beautiful & professional digital and physical books. 
Audiobook Publishing


Innovo offers Traditional Publishing where Innovo picks up the tab; Cooperative Publishing where Innovo and the Author share the investments; and Independent (or self) Publishing, where the author covers the investment and keeps 100% of the royalties. 

So we have a publishing model that is sure to meet your needs for Audiobooks and more.

Audiobooks are a growing segment of total books sales and Innovo publish both AI voiced and professional voice-actor narrated audiobooks.

Innovo Audiobook Production Highlights

  • Innovo's audiobooks are offered in digital and physical editions, and both are retail ready.
  • Digital audiobooks are available for streaming or downloading after purchase, while physical audiobooks (in the form of CDs/DVDs) are available for purchase with shipping to the end customer.
  • Whether digital or physical, Innovo's audiobooks have complete full-color cover designs, author bio, book blurb, and other metadata included. 
  • Innovo has a Voice team standing by with several male and female voice actors ready to professionally voice your book so you can rest easy. Meet our voice team below.
  • All Innovo audiobook narrations are edited for sound quality and meet the industry's highest quality standards and are published on Audible, iTunes, Amazon, and dozens of additional resellers. 
  • We also offer AI-Voiced Audiobooks - excellent quality at budget-friendly pricing.
  • Interested? Click the button below to request a FREE No-Obligation Quote for your Audiobook. We take care of everything for you--so YOU CAN RELAX.

What Innovo Publishes

Audiobook Publishing
Innovo's Audiobook Publishing for Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries

Innovo provides everything you need to create and publish your Christian audiobook in digital and physical formats, including professional narrators, audio engineers, cover and package designers, and more. Your audiobook will be available globally through Audible, iTunes, Amazon, and more...

Book Series Publishing
Innovo's Book Series Design and Publishing for Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries

Publishing a book series? Then you've come to the right place! We know how important a book series can be for branding and marketing. That's why we'll collaborate with you to develop your complete series design before your first book is even released, ensuring continuity while allowing prospective customers to know what's coming next…

Children's Book Publishing
IInnovo Irresistible Children's Book Publishing for Christian & Wholesome Markets

Irresistible Children's Books made easy! Innovo provides everything you need to turn your idea into a full-color, vibrantly illustrated, and seriously fun Children's book available globally in a variety of formats...

Christian Music Publishing
Innovo Publishing's Christian Music Publishing Services for the Christian & Wholesome Markets

The Innovo Music Group (IMG) provides Christian music artists, writers, and ministries access to the world with complete, turn-key music publishing packages, distribution, sales, and support.

Courses and Curricula
Innovo Course and Curricula Publishing for Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries

Innovo can help create, publish, market, and sell your physical and on-line courses or an entire curriculum. Innovo's courses and curricula may have any combination of text, graphics, animation, audio, video, tests, and quizzes built-in, and our on-line platform meets stringent requirements for interoperability--meaning you can import other existing courses into your curriculum…

eBooks and Multimedia Books
Innovo's eBook and Multimedia Book Publishing for Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries

Innovo creates and publishes exceptional eBooks and Mulimedia books in the industry's most sought-after formats that are compatible with Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks, and all smart phones and PCs...

Hardback Books
Innovo Publishing's Hardback Book Publishing Services for the Christian & Wholesome Markets

A well-designed hardcover book can do wonders for an Author’s personal brand and ministry goals. Hardcover books are important for personal and public libraries, gifts for ministry donors and business associates, and they are essential for anyone on the speaker circuit. Hardcovers represent an essential component of a multi-edition (e.g., hardback, paperback, eBook, and audiobook editions) release strategy targeting multiple market segments…

Paperback Book Publishing
Innovo's Paperback Book Publishing for Christian Authors, Artists, and Ministries

Innovo is a full-service publisher, capable of handling not only your paperback publishing needs but hardback, audiobook, eBook, screenplay, music, and curricula publishing as well!.

Screenplay Writing 
Innovo Publishing Feature Film Screen Play Production Services.

Would you like to adapt your book into a Feature Film Screenplay or write an original screenplay… but need some help? With Innovo’s Feature Film Screenplay Services, our experienced screenplay writers can collaboratively ghost write an original screenplay or adapt your existing book into a Feature Film Screenplay for you that meets all of Hollywood’s standards! And you own the copyright. Innovo can provide everything you need, including pitch and investor materials…

Meet Innovo's Voice Actor Team & Listen to Audiobook Samples

Voice Talent: Male


Bob specializes in audiobook and other long-form narration. He's narrated everything from "The Imitation of Christ" to the entire New King James Bible. Bob would be delighted to work with you.

Innovo Publishing Voice Sample

Larry is a full-time audiobook narrator specializing in Christian non-fiction with a relaxed, real, and trusted voice. He has a DMin in missions, served as a pastor, and also a VP for two Christian broadcast ministries. He’d be honored to help bring your story of hope to life.

Innovo Publishing Voice Sample

Ralph is an acclaimed actor & singer as well as voice talent and Christian with short form and full audiobook narration experience. "I look forward to helping bring your... [Christian] message to life."

Innovo Publishing Voice Sample

Mike's eclectic experience ranges from producing Pod Casts & commercials to self help audio. "While there are many ways to worship... the bottom line is the same: God lives within your heart."

Innovo Publishing Voice Sample

Bill has recorded thousands of projects for major clients like The Billy Graham Association. "I followed my passion of communicating the 'good news' through media." And he would love to work on your project.

Innovo Publishing Voice Sample

Joshua has served as a pastor for over twenty years, and he hosts a Bible application podcast. He primarily focuses his voice work on long-form, Christ-centered audiobook narration. 

Voice Talent: Female

Innovo Publishing Voice Sample

Vanessa is a Christian with exceptional audiobook experience with the majors and was an Audie finalist. "It would be an honor to voice... messages of hope and goodness [for you].".

Innovo Publishing Voice Sample

Dory has a wealth of experience with clients such as Nintendo and others. "I believe that all of the work that we do and all of our interactions with others is to please God...."

Innovo Publishing Voice Sample

Debroah has extensive audiobook and editing experience, and is an avid reader of the Bible and theology. "My favorite authors are CS Lewis and EB Phillips 'Your God is Too Small'".

Innovo Publishing Voice Sample

Angela has produced several audiobooks released on iTunes. "Faith is a crucial part of my everyday life and I would love to lend my voice to help spread the Word of God."

Innovo Publishing Voice Sample

Melanie is a voice actor with thousands of radio/TV spots, corp & web narrations, pod casts & similar. "I have been blessed to have voiced for many Christian schools & charitable orgs."

Innovo Publishing Voice Sample

Naylene has outstanding voice experience with national clients, Christian radio, and the Christian community. "It's not just a career for me, it is really what I feel "called" to do. I LOVE God's word."

Audiobook Samples

Karen Michelle Graham: A Life To Rescue
A Life to Rescue by Karen Michelle Graham published by Innovo Publishing
Armour Patterson: Where The Ground is Even
Where the Ground is Even, by Armour - Audiobook edition

Jason Creech: Dealing With The S Words
Dealing with the S-Words by Jason Creech published by Innovo Publishing
Adrian Rogers: Standing for Truth & Light
Standing for Light and Truth: Living with Integrity to Shine God's Light In a World Growing Dim by Adrian Rogers. A Christ-centered, Christian book published by Innovo Publishing.

Innovo's Auidobook Production

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