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 Innovo's Digital and Physical Audiobooks are RETAIL READY with GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION and AUTOMATIC FULFILLMENT


pubwithinnovo1VoiceOver Actors/Narrators, Audio Engineers & Editors, Graphic Designers, CD & Cover Designers, Project Managers, and Lots of Experience 


Innovo’s audiobook authors receive personal coaching from our project managers, and each author receives our “Best Practices” guide that provides many practical tips and insights from years of experience creating digital and physical audiobooks. In addition to audiobooks, Innovo creates hardbacks, eBooks, multimedia books, children’s books, screenplays, and courses. Our ebooks and multimedia books can include audio, video & animations that bring your book to life for your readers. So whatever your preferences, Innovo has you covered with beautiful & professional digital and physical books. 


Innovo OffersTraditional Publishing where Innovo picks up the tab; Cooperative Publishing where Innovo and the Author share the investments; and Independent (or self) Publishing, where the author covers the investment and keeps 100% of the royalties. Interested? Request a FREE MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUE or email us by CLICKING HERE. 

Audiobooks are a growing segment of total books sales


  • Innovo's audiobooks may be digital or physical and both are retail ready.
  • Digital audiobooks are available for streaming and downloading after purchase, while physical audiobooks (in the form of CDs/DVDs) are available for purchase with shipping to the end customer.
  • Whether digital or physical, Innovo's audiobooks have complete full-color cover designs, author bio, book blurb, and other metadata included. 
  • Innovo has a Voice team standing by with several male and female voice actors ready to professionally voice your book so you can rest easy.
  • All Innovo audiobook 
    narrations are editing for sound quality and meet the industry's highest quality standards.  
  • Just call and tell us what you need for your paperback book, and we can work out a custom arrangement to help.

Voice Talent: Male

  • Bob +

    bobBob specializes in audiobook and other long-form narration. He's narrated everything from "The Imitation of Christ" to the entire New King James Bible. Bob would be delighted to work with you.

  • Larry +

    Larry voiceover pictureLarry is a full-time audiobook narrator specializing in Christian non-fiction with a relaxed, real, and trusted voice. He has a DMin in missions, served as a pastor, and also a VP for two Christian broadcast ministries. He’d be honored to help bring your story of hope to life.

  • Ralph +

    ralphRalph is an acclaimed actor & singer as well as voice talent and Christian with short form and full audiobook narration experience. "I look forward to helping bring your... [Christian] message to life."

  • Mike +


    Mike's eclectic experience ranges from producing Pod Casts & commercials to self help audio. "While there are many ways to worship... the bottom line is the same: God lives within your heart."

  • Bill +

    billBill has recorded thousands of projects for major clients like The Billy Graham Association. "I followed my passion of communicating the 'good news' through media." And he would love to work on your project.

  • Joshua +

    Joshua voiceover pictureJoshua has served as a pastor for over twenty years, and he hosts a Bible application podcast. He primarily focuses his voice work on long-form, Christ-centered audiobook narration. 

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Voice Talent: Female

  • Vanessa +

    vanessaVanessa is a Christian with exceptional audiobook experience with the majors and was an Audie finalist. "It would be an honor to voice... messages of hope and goodness [for you]."

  • Dory +

    doryDory has a wealth of experience with clients such as Nintendo and others. "I believe that all of the work that we do and all of our interactions with others is to please God...."

  • Deborah +

    deborahDebroah has extensive audiobook and editing experience, and is an avid reader of the Bible and theology. "My favorite authors are CS Lewis and EB Phillips 'Your God is Too Small'".

  • Angela +

    angelaAngela has produced several audiobooks released on iTunes. "Faith is a crucial part of my everyday life and I would love to lend my voice to help spread the Word of God."

  • Melanie +

    melanieMelanie is a voice actor with thousands of radio/TV spots, corp & web narrations, pod casts & similar. "I have been blessed to have voiced for many Christian schools & charitable orgs."

  • Naylene +

    nayleneNaylene has outstanding voice experience with national clients, Christian radio, and the Christian community. "It's not just a career for me, it is really what I feel "called" to do. I LOVE God's word."

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Audiobook Samples

  • Karen Michelle Graham: A Life To Rescue +


  • Armour Patterson: Where The Ground is Even +


  • Jason Creech: Dealing With The S Words +


  • Carla Cameron:Lessons From God +


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