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The Steward Investor by Don Simmons (Excerpt)

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    TomToombs MysteriousMoneyTree 3Dbook The Mysterious Money Tree is the first book in a series of delightful stories featuring one of Christian kids’ favorite personalities, Little Tommy. Five-year-old Tommy is energetic, artistic, adventurous, helpful, curious, and compassionate. His dad is a pastor and his mom stays home

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    Armour MuchCleanPaper 3Dbook Join us on this improbable journey... of the long-missing fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Herein, amid a skeleton history of the Dead Sea Scrolls, arguably the most significant archaeological find of all time, lies the improbable account of how long-missing

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  • SECRETS SAVORED Semester 1 by Dianne Dougharty

    Secrets Sem 1 LG 3D cover resized for website LEADER GUIDE:  Are you at the stage of life where the kids are grown and the house is quiet? Are you wondering what you will do next? You've spent years investing in the lives of the little ones who once loaded your washing

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    PARADISE FOUND by Anipe Premajoythi

    AnipePremajoythi ParadiseFound 3Dbook Have you lost Paradise in your heart? A prominent seventeenth-century poet narrated the story of Paradise Lost. Paradise-the Garden of Eden-was lost due to the sin and disobedience of the first Adam...

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  • mediator

    THE MEDIATOR by Armour

    Armour TheMediator book On Christmas Eve of 1876, a trail-weary preacher rides into a divided town on the verge of war. On one side looms a ruthless gang of outlaws and rustlers; on the other, the well-meaning pioneer founders of the fledgling tow n..

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    Armour WhereTheGroundisEven book Three Navajos ride from the East toward a White man’s world of which they are suspicious. Two carefree but pining sheepherders walk through heavy snow from the West. A young family, the man wounded and the woman full with child, move north desperately

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  • PRIMAL SCREAMS by Bart Dahmer

    BartDahmer PrimalScreams 3Dbook In the tradition and values of C. S. Lewis, with mental warfare on the scale of Asimov's Foundation and Empire, and featuring gripping battles and surprising twists reminiscent of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, Primal Screams is a thought-provoking, heart-pounding science fiction adventure

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  • JAMES' BOOK OF LIFE by Jamie Lester

    Jamie Lester James Book of Life 3D COVER RESIZED for website James' Book of Life follows James from boyhood to manhood. With each experience, he develops positive morals and values that stay with him for a lifetime. As the story is read aloud, parents will be reminded of the important role they play in

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  • THE WESTERN ELVES by Bob Spark

    1BobSpark TheWesternElves 3Dbook In this first book of the Twins of Prophecy trilogy, we observe the twins' birth and their growing into adulthood in the Western Kingdom of the Elves. Chem and Ema are very different in their gifts and personalities; this will be a major theme

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Innovo's Featured Authors

  • Bryce Runte +

     Bryce Runte

    When LaMarcus landed in prison, he just wanted to survive.  Then one night all that changed....

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  • Isabel Downe +

     Isabel downe

    Isabel Downe was born and raised on an idyllic farm with a spectacular view of the distant mountains. It was here that her life took a turn from the ideal to...

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  • Daniel Wilson +

    Daniel wilsonWill is a teen searching for his purpose in life and trying to figure out how to use his talents for God’s glory. He finds his answer on one fateful night...

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  • Carrie Simon +

  • Cathy Bryant +

    cathy bryant

    June 1693. It has been nearly a year since Susanna Jameson’s beloved grandmother, Susanna North Martin, though innocent, was hung as a witch. Mrs. Martin’s namesake, despairing over the loss, is having a crisis of faith...

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  • Jamie Lester +

    James Lester

    As the story is read aloud, parents will be reminded of the important role they play in their child’s spiritual... 

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  • Mark Hyskell +

    Mark hyskell

    I was trying to grow in the Lord and use whatever gifts He had given me to serve Him. Join me in my journey of discovery through desperate prayer and intense...

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