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A Summary of Innovo's Traditional-Publishing Path and how it works

Innovo acquires book, music, screenplay, or film rights, and pays the author/artist/agent an advance and royalties. Innovo funds all costs to publish the Title. Author/Artist/Agent makes no financial commitments.

  • Author/Artist/Agent submits Christian title (manuscript, music, screenplay, film) using Innovo's upload tool or as agreed beforehand.
  • Agent submissions are encouraged and welcome for traditional publishing consideration, although direct Author/Artist submissions are also accepted.
  • Innovo reviews submissions for quality, style, and market match.
  • If selected, Innovo offers a contract and acquires all title rights.
  • Innovo pays an advance to author/artist and pays royalties on each copy sold.
  • Innovo prepares, publishes, and markets title.
  • Innovo assumes the financial risk for projects and funds the entire publishing effort.

Submission Considerations

  • As a traditional royalty publisher, Innovo is highly selective and will acquire and invest in a   moderate number of titles/submissions each year.
  • All submissions must be in electronic format and submitted using the upload form on this page (unless otherwise agreed in advance).
  • Agent submissions are encouraged and welcome for Traditional royalty publishing considerations. Authors'/Artists' direct submissions are also accepted.
  • Proposals/submissions for books should include the following: Working Title, Length/Word Count, Genre Type, Main Topic/Theme, Target Audience, List of Similar Published Titles, Marketing/Promotion Ideas, Completion/Target Completion Date, Book Summary (500 words or less), Table of Contents (Major headings only),  Sample Chapter(s) or complete manuscript if available.
  • Music submissions preferred in MP3, WMA or ACC digital formats.  Video submissions   preferred in MP4, AVI or WMV formats.
  • Innovo pays author/artist an advance and royalty payments which are outlined in writing in the contract.
  • All submissions must align with Innovo's published Statement of Faith or it will not be considered. Innovo Publishing is a conservative, evangelical Christian publisher.  We do not publish "prosperity gospel" titles or similar.
  • Due to the volume of submissions received, response time will vary, but is usually within 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Submissions will not be returned.
  • Innovo publishes professional Christian and wholesome books, ebooks, audiobooks, music, screenplays and film globally.
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