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Market your wholesome book, eBook, audiobook, music or film titles with Innovo’s PRE-PACKAGED or CUSTOM mailing lists. Innovo’s mailing lists are made available to Innovo Publishing’s authors, artists and organizations and allow UNLIMITED USE!* Send your sell sheet, press release, post cards, contact and order information directly to the people and organizations you want to reach most!

INNOVO’S CUSTOM mailing lists are contact lists that Innovo creates from scratch based on the specific needs of our Innovo family of author’s, artists and organizations. Call us for a custom quote. Each of Innovo’s Custom Mailing Lists are designed on your specific marketing needs:
Example 1:  A custom mailing list of all grocery stores and farmer’s markets in the US and Canada (used to market their “Mamma’s Homemade Pies” cookbook and video.)
Example 2:  A custom mailing list of all children’s hospitals in the US, UK and Australia (used to promote a children’s book designed to introduce biblical principles to kids who are suffering from chronic illnesses.
Example 3: A custom mailing list of all non-profit organizations in the western US supporting women & children in crisis (used to promote a book that provides hope to families in crisis)
Example 4: A custom mailing list of all Christian media outlets in North America (used to promote media coverage of a new Christian album and Christian book release and tour).

The possibilities are endless!

Once you place your order, we email you a web link for your mailing list purchase and you can download it instantly. There is no waiting. You'll receive this valuable information right away, so you can go to work contacting bookstores and churches about your book.

The market value on these types of lists are well over $1,000 each, but we are offering each list to you for a low price of $199.

What’s Included:

  1. Each Innovo “PRE-PACKAGED” or “CUSTOM” mailing list contains the name of the contact/organization along with their physical/postal address.  The phone number is included when available. The list is provided in Microsoft Excel digital spreadsheet format.*
  2. INNOVO’S “PRE-PACKAGED” mailing lists are contact lists that are maintained and updated on a regular basis to ensure the information remains accurate. Innovo offer several high-demand, pre-packaged mailing lists, each comprised of organizations that identify themselves as Christian-friendly:
  3. Churches (over XXXX entries)
  4. Contains over XXX evangelical churches across the US & Canada.
  5. Bookstores (over XXX entries).
  6. Over 4,000/XXXX Christian bookstores, including larger chain/franchise stores, retail organizations with bookstore sections, and independent and smaller bookstores, boutiques and shops.
  7. Music Stores (over XXX entries)
  8. Contains over 4,000/XXXX Christian music stores, including larger chain/franchise  stores, retail organizations with music store sections, and independent and smaller music stores, boutiques and shops.
  9. Christian Film/Video Retailers (over XXX entries)
  10. Contains over XXXX film/video distributors and retail outlets in the US
  11. Libraries (over XXX entries)
  12. Contains over XXX Christian and public libraries in the US
  13. High School (over XXX entries; primarily private schools)
  14. Contains over XXX primarily private high schools (grate 9 to 12) in the US and Canada.
  15. Christian University/Seminary (over XXX entries)
  16. Contains over XXX evangelical Christian universities and seminaries in the US, Canada, UK and Australia
  17. Media List (over XXX)
  18. Contains over XXX print, broadcast and on-line media contacts including magazines and newspapers, TV and radio stations, and key on-line ezines and blogs in the US.

 *You must be able to open and view Excel documents on your computer to use this product. Typically lists and databases like our lists are sold for one-time use, but the purchasers of our lists have the right to unlimited use to promote his or her Innovo Publishing title (books, ebooks, audiobooks, music and/or film/video. The Churches and bookstores in these directories have identified themselves as churches or Christian-related organizations that carry Christian one or more types of Christian media such as books, music, film/video or other Christian merchandise. They are included in our lists on this basis.  Please be aware that these directories contain contact information that it is provided to us from multiple sources. Because of this, the directories will contain a certain percentage of inaccuracy-but no more or less than contact "lists" typically do. As a result, our directories/lists are sold “as is”, with no warranty or guarantee of accuracy.  No refunds are permitted. In addition, sharing any of our directories/lists in any form with those who have not purchased them or re-selling them is prohibited. By buying our lists, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree to all of this information, including the restrictions that apply.

How many books will I sell with these mailing  directories/lists?

No one can say for sure.  As with any mailing list, there is no guarantee on sales.

 Should this be my only form of marketing?

We don’t think so. No single marketing approach can guarantee book sales. We recommend that our mailing lists be used along with other supporting marketing plans that embody several publicity and marketing approaches.

Can't I do this myself?

Yes, we think you could, but it would probably take a lot of time to identify the right sources to create your mailing lists.  And even more time maintaining them and keeping them as accurate as our lists.  If you prefer, please feel free to request our free Innovo mailing list consultation. One of our associates will be delighted to help identify the right list/package to meet your needs.

I live outside the US. Can I still use Innovo’s mailing lists?

Yes— especially for our CUSTOM lists.  That is, we can provide lists that are specific to just about any country or geographical region in the world. Keep in mind, however, that our PRE-PACKAGED mailing lists are primarily for contacts in the US and North America. So If you are located elsewhere in the world, we can still provide our pre-packaged lists to you, but to take advantage of them you would have to use them to mail your information to the US locations included in the lists. Or, you could purchase our services to do this for you.

How do I find out for sure what mailing list is best for my needs?

You may contact our Innovo associates at any time by phone from the US (888-546-2111), or by Skype or email from international locations ( An Innovo associate will be glad to discuss your marketing goals and to go over the available mailing lists and other marketing options to help you decide what is right for you.

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