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Work for Innovo
From Home or Anywhere.

Editors, Graphic Designers, Writers, Web Developers, Translators, Project Managers, & More for the Christian & wholesome markets...

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We've Got You Covered!

Novels, Children's Books, Scholarly Books, Evangelistic Books, Bible Studies, and More....

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A True Christian Foundation

Christian and wholesome. Believers for believers.

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Complete Marketing, Advertising & Publicity!

Innovo covers all of your marketing, advertising, and publicity needs!

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Christian Music & Film!

Innovo Music Group Rocks! Join IMG and go live!

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Website & Social Media Create & Manage

Innovo can create your website & social media accounts and provide on-going content posting & management

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Business Startup & Branding Services

We'll help you create a business or nonprofit so you can "write off" publishing expenses and protect your family's assets.

Innovo's Business Startup and Branding Services
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Innovo Has a Full Service Lineup!

Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, Music, Screenplays, Film & Courses!

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Innovo Publishing's Traditional Publishing Model--Submit your Christian and wholesome manuscripts today.

Traditional (Royalty) Publishing

Innovo acquires book, music, or film/video rights, pays author/artist/agent advance and royalties, and funds all costs to publish title.

Agent/Author/Artist makes no financial commitments. Agent submissions are encouraged and welcome.

From Innovo's Founder

Dr. Bart Dahmer, Founder & CEO of Innovo Publishing LLC

As a Christian full-service publisher, we'll do our best to provide a book you will be proud to call your own with an honest, straight forward process. I hope you will give us the opportunity to get to know you and will allow us the privilege of helping bring your publishing dreams to life.

Over the course of my career in industry, I've had a growing desire to use my business, human resources and information technology experience to start a publishing company for the Christian and wholesome markets. After much counsel...

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TOP REASONS to Go Innovo

Check out why we think you should partner with Innovo. It may not be what you expect!

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Author Testimonials

Dr. Nathalie Johnson, author of Rivers' Walk. Published by Innovo Publishing LLC

“To say that I am excited and amazed about how the book looks is an understatement!!!  I cannot believe how beautiful this looks. What a treat to see the ‘finished product!’ Thank you so much for your time and energy on this project; it has been such a joy for me to work on!”

- Dr. Nathalie Johnson  l  Author, Rivers' Walk

Intrusion by Kris Detrow. Published by Innovo Publishing LLC

"I can't even tell you how happy I have been with Innovo. The price is great. The service is amazing. When you are done, you will consider [Innovo] a friend. Can't say enough."

- Kris Detrow  l  Author, The Intrusion